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5 Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Strains You Should Know About

Magic Mushrooms Therapeutic

5 Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom Therapy

There is more to magic mushrooms than a life-altering spiritual journey. There are several therapeutic effects to benefit from, among them, neurogenesis, treating addiction, and alleviating anxiety and depression. For these therapies to be most effective, specific strains at recommended doses, are required.

No shroom is the same or provides the same therapeutic benefits, not just from strain to strain but even between batches. That is why it is important to continually lab test our assortment of psilocybin mushrooms so that the effect is consistent and safe. There are variances in potency and what a particular strain is meant to treat. So, you the consumer, need to make sure you consume strains meant to treat your condition, with the recommended dose.

Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms

We share 5 therapeutic strains that aid in treating various conditions.


This mushroom delivers a mild and smooth trip that both beginners and experienced users appreciate, mainly because the experience is very shamanistic. The user benefits spiritually, physically, and in mental wellness. Golden Teachers have become a favourite among mushroom lovers worldwide.


This is one of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis varieties. Its euphoric trip melts away stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. It is also used to fight addiction and restore damaged neural connections.

Brazilian Cubensis Magic Mushroom


It has been used for centuries by indigenous communities in Brazil to develop enlightenment and to commune with the spirits. It is a relatively potent strain, offering a gentle experience that is more visual than physical. This is a great strain for depression and stress, promoting feelings of strength and the ability to conquer current struggles and issues.

Albino A+


This has become a popular strain, offering a 4-to-5-hour trip that is centred on the visual. Higher doses are good to adjust your ego and perspective. This strain is good for alleviating anxiety and depression. Due to its potency, a 2-to-2.5-gram dose is enough for a memorable trip.

Although there is further research being conducted, the numerous therapeutic benefits of psilocybin can help millions suffering from various conditions. Buy magic mushrooms in Canada.

The Ganjagrams Ways of Dosing

Edibles: Ganjagrams offers precise and finely crafted edibles in the form of gummies, chocolates, and capsules. We provide tasty options to raw dried shrooms. Buy shroom edibles in Canada.

Microdosing: Get all the sub-hallucinogenic benefits without the psychedelic experience from our precise microdoses.

Dried Shrooms: Buy shrooms online in Canada. Among them are B Plus, Daddy Long Legs, Penis Envy, Brazilian, and more.

Make Ganjagrams Part of Your Ritual

Ganjagrams wants to provide you with naturally therapeutic psilocybin mushrooms, and information from our experienced experts. Buy magic mushrooms in Canada. Register and order today.

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