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What is Bubble Hash and How Do I Use It?

bubble hash

What Bubble Hash Is and How to Use It


Hashish is a cannabis concentrate that has been around as long as cannabis itself, and there were two ways to make it. In Afghanistan and Morocco, dried cannabis was run through fine sieves. In India, people would create “charas” by rubbing the buds in their hands to create heat and friction. This would cause the trichomes to detach from the plant and leave the resin on their hands. The dark resin was then rolled into balls.

Today, hash can also be created through newer methods, such as rosin, BHO (or butane hash), and bubble hash. These forms of hash are often much more potent than traditional hash.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis using ice and water. It is one of the most popular concentrates on the market today because it is high in quality and THC content. Its name is simply a description of the tiny bubbles that appear when the concentrate is melted.

Ice and filter bags are now part of the water-based “hash washing.” Other innovations are now used to separate the trichomes from the plant material, producing a potent and precise concentrate.

Bubble hash offers unrivalled quality and potency among hashish products. For cannabis business owners and extraction labs, bubble hash presents lucrative opportunities.

How Bubble Hash is Made

Start by choosing a trichome-rich, high-quality cannabis strain. We make ours from some of the finest cannabis in the world right here in British Columbia. Keep in mind that even if you choose the best strains, they can still vary from batch to batch, so learn to identify quality. Fresh frozen cannabis, although not as simple and cost-effective, saves more terpenes. By processing bubble hash from fresh-frozen cannabis you can achieve a higher-quality “live” product.

Step one in producing bubble hash is to submerge your cannabis into a vat of ice water, or what is referred to as a hash-washing system. Stir constantly to loosen the trichomes filled with resin, which then drop to the bottom of the vat. Typically, the agitation of the cannabis has been done by hand or with a paddle. Now there are automatic agitation technologies.

At this stage, there is still some plant matter that has sunk to the bottom and mixed in with the trichomes, so the hash is then drained and filtered into a second filtration vat before being collected. Some businesses now use pump filtration in lieu of gravity.

Once the hash has been filtered and collected, moisture is removed. A low-temperature dehydration process preserves the quality of its original form. This typically takes between 6 and 24 hours, depending on the freeze-dryer.

Afghani Bubble Hash

How Bubble Hash is Used

Bubble hash is subject to a rating system. This 6-point scale is based on how well it melts when heated. An easier or better melt indicates fewer impurities. 1 to 2 stars are “food-grade” hash, 3 to 4 stars are “rosin-grade” hash, 5 is a nearly full-melt rosin-grade hash, and 6 is full-melt bubble hash.

Bubble hash is versatile in how it can be used. 5- and 6-star hash can be dabbed, vaped, used as a bowl topper, sprinkled over joints, or blunts, or mixed into edibles.

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Ganjagrams is perfect for offering bubble hash because we have access to high-quality and pure cannabis. Bubble hash is becoming popular for its chemical-free aspect. One reason we are considered the best dispensary in Canada is because of the long-standing connections that allow us to have opportunities to save you money on great weed. Our experts will give you the best guidance anywhere.

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