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Top 5 Types Of Cannabis Concentrates For Better Experience

cannabis concentrates

Top 5 Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis industry has evolved significantly in recent years, as cannabis use has become increasingly more accepted in society due to a growing body of evidence that supports its therapeutic applications and recreational effects.

The culture of Cannabis has also grown immensely in recent years with new edible products and more creative delivery methods like tinctures and concentrates, making cannabis use easier than ever before.

What Is a Cannabis Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are products derived from cannabis using various extraction methods to remove excess plant matter. The result of the extraction process leaves behind cannabinoids, the compounds expressing the characteristics of each cannabis strain. Some are psychoactive, like THC, and some are not, like CBD. Some others, called terpenes, provide the aroma and flavour and enhance the effects of the other cannabinoids.

Some concentrate extraction methods isolate certain cannabinoids like THC, while others allow for the full spectrum of the cannabinoid compounds. Concentrates are quickly becoming a staple of the cannabis industry due to their exceptional potency and ability to offer consumers an extensive range of new and innovative products.

The Top 5 Concentrates

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Hash, or hashish, is the original concentrate. It is composed of and created by extracting trichome glands, the sticky, crystal-like protrusions on the outside of cannabis flowers that contain many active cannabinoid compounds which provide unique medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational benefits. Buy hash online at Ganjagrams.


Cannabis diamonds, like mineral diamonds, represent a high-end, top-shelf commodity. They are the most potent form of cannabis on the market. Cannabis diamonds are truly in a league of their own regarding potency, flavour, and concentration. They are created by a process that starts with the highest-quality cannabis flowers and concentrates them into a crystallized form. Buy diamonds online at Ganjagrams.

Live Resin

Like wax or shatter, live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate higher in terpenes. These are the oils from the cannabis plant that give each strain its unique taste and aroma. There are around 12 most common of over 100 terpenes yet discovered. Live resin is a type of cannabis extract that is processed differently than other concentrates, requiring no decarboxylation of the plant material first. This unique extraction method helps maintain a much broader range of compounds, giving live resin an unparalleled flavour and aroma profile compared to other concentrates. Buy live resin online at Ganjagrams.



Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate that is beloved for its texture, flavour, colour, and aroma. It has an amber or yellowish hue and closely resembles butter in texture; however, it can vary in consistency depending on the production method. The extract is created by using various heating and purging techniques which help to break down plant matter and separate the desirable components of cannabis, such as terpenes and cannabinoids. Budder boasts incredible potency due to the high levels of cannabinoids contained within it and its intense flavour profile and terpene content. Buy budder online at Ganjagrams.


This solvent-based extraction process allows the hash oil to cool down without stirring the oil for a more viscous texture. Instead, it becomes glass-like and brittle; thus, the name shatter. Shatter is a very pure cannabis extract featuring very high levels of THC with a potency in the range of 50 to 90%. Buy shatter online at Ganjagrams.

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