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As you know, the internet has made it easier than ever to find exactly what you want. Hybrid cannabis can also deliver to you exactly what you want. That’s why hybrid strains have become so popular. Ganjagrams pioneered online cannabis mail-order in Canada, and in that same spirit, we have a wide variety of custom hybrid strains that are precisely balanced for your desired purpose or preferred effect.

For over 20 years we have cultivated some close and productive relationships with growers here in the heart of the cannabis cultivation country of British Columbia. A lot has changed and continued to improve in the past 20 years. Our producers are more expert than ever at crafting the perfectly balanced hybrid for individualized needs. Meantime Ganjagrams has made it easier than ever before for you to access and buy the highest quality hybrid strains while offering the best prices.

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Need help deciding between an indica or sativa?  Read our comprehensive guide here: The Difference Between Indicas & Sativas


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Hybrid Cannabis

Almost all modern marijuana is now made up of hybrid strains. These strains have become the most popular over the years because they have been cultivated to combine a varying balance of Sativa and Indica, catering to the needs of the individual. With a Hybrid, you can have the pain relief and CBD benefits of Indica, and the uplifting creative effect of Sativa, in whatever proportion is right for you. Each variety of hybrid cannabis has characteristics unique to that hybrid strain. This means that hybridization is very useful to medical marijuana users, expressing precisely what they need for their particular condition. Ganjagrams provides our patients with the safest, most secure, and dependable online shopping experience possible.

Online Hybrids from Ganjagrams

We have dedicated ourselves to crafting and providing the most effective strains with precise results for those who look to us for consistent and effective treatment. All our strains are of the highest quality and grown organically. All our strains range from A to AAAA and are offered at the best price possible. When you have long-standing relationships like ours, you can find some pretty sweet deals. We pass those on to you.

Our producers are widely known for crafting the best bud in Canada. Buying from Ganjagrams ensures that you are getting one of the highest-quality cannabis products in the world. We use Xpresspost for guaranteed shipping. Your order arrives in 1 to 3 business days, and we make sure that your privacy is protected. There are no markings on the package and no way to detect its contents. We also make sure that our members receive the highest quality product at the fairest price anywhere. On top of that, when you buy from Ganjagrams, you can collect reward points. For every dollar you spend, you get rewarded 5 points. Just click on the rewards badge and start earning.

The Ganjagram Hybrid Offering

Put simply, Ganjagrams has the best hybrid strains available. Some are more Sativa dominant, and some are more Indica dominant. From Pink Cookies Shake, which can be used for smoking, to make oils, or concentrates, to Animal Mint Cookies, which is described as having an aroma and flavour that is a nutty combination of pine, sweet and sour, and vanilla. It is both cerebral and uplifting.

Here are just a few of our hybrids that you may know:

Pink Cookies Shake, King Kush, Cookies and Cream, Pink Runtz, Cherry Diesel, Dank Schrader, Black Widow, Animal Mint Cookies, Blackberry Bubble, and Gelato Sorbet Pie.

Buy Hybrid Cannabis from Ganjagrams

On the Ganjagrams website, it is easy to buy cheap quality weed online anywhere in Canada. To start with, we’ll take 10% off your first order. We also like throwing freebies in for those who reach a dollar amount. By simply clicking on “Claim Offer,” the item will automatically be added to your cart. Also know that shipping is free for those buying $150 or more.