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Buy Hash Online in Canada

If you have a favourite kind of weed, then you’ll have a favourite kind of hash. Because of our long-standing relationships among British Columbia growers, we carry a wide variety of high-quality hash. Our kief is derived from many different strains. On our online dispensary, you can buy everything from sticky Afghani and powdery kief extract to the light-coloured Moroccan hash. While you’re on the site, check out all of our concentrates.



Afghan Hash Gold Seal


Hash AKA Hashish

Hashish is the original cannabis concentrate. Hashish has been around for as long as cannabis itself. There were originally two different ways of making hashish. In Afghanistan and Morocco, dried cannabis was run through fine sieves. The trichomes were separated from the plant, making kief. The kief was then pressed into blocks. The blocks were dark in colour and very potent. In India, they rolled buds in their hands. Heat, caused by friction, separated the trichomes from the plant, leaving the dark resin on the hands. This dark resin was then rolled into balls and sold as a substance called “charas.”

More recently, hash has been created in new ways. These forms of hash carry the names rosin, bubble hash, and BHO. BHO is an abbreviation for “butane hash.” When butane is used, as a solvent, a 90% or greater potency can many times be reached.

Hash can be used much like weed, in that it can be smoked, vaporized, or used as an ingredient in edibles or recipes.

Ganjagrams Has the Best Hash

We all know that to get the great hash, you need great weed. Our British Columbia growers know that all too well. Our job is and has been, delivering that quality to you safely, securely, and consistently. Ganjagrams has maintained the highest quality over the years and pioneered the secure online delivery of that quality. We are the best dispensary in Canada. To be the best you must continue to lead the way.

Our Hash:

Afghan Hash Gold Seal: The small and bushy Indica-dominant strains. This hash is pressed by hand with the addition of small amounts of tea or water. The result is an elastic brick with a strong aroma. It is dark to black on the outside and greenish-brown on the inside. It looks a bit like a tasty chocolate bar. The THC potency should not be underestimated, and you should proceed with a healthy respect for its effect.

Mazar Sharif Hash: Between the modern growing skills and the centuries-old methods for crafting hash, this product is a beautiful combination of the old world and the new world. This hash provides a super strong high that causes deep relaxation and soothing relief of muscle tension. This hash concentrates a kind of relief that can be found nowhere else.

Rolling Stone Afghan Hash: The best kind of Afghan hash comes from the Northern provinces. Like all Afghan hash, this Indica strain is hand pressed and worked on by hand with a small amount of tea or water until it is rolled into a ball to limit its exposure to air. Then when shipped, it is pressed into 100g slabs.

Afghani Bubble Hash: This British Columbian hash is not only sweet-tasting but also the most potent as well. Providing a cerebral high, it is a much more profound experience than just smoking marijuana buds. With its soft texture and sweet taste, it is one of the most popular concentrates anywhere.

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