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Buy Vape Pens Online in Canada

More and more smokers are now turning to vape to consume cannabis. Vapour is healthier and contains a much smaller amount of toxins than a cigarette. The fact that it is so like smoking makes it an easy transition to make. There are so many new versions of cannabis available, like distillates and extracts, it just makes sense.

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.
Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.
Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.
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Experienced vaping enthusiasts typically buy their vaping products online because they can usually find the best deals from online dispensaries. As with all online products, a dispensary doesn’t have to worry as much about overhead. At Ganjagrams, there is no need to worry about what to look out for, as all our vaping products are of top quality.

Ganjagrams make it easy to buy vape pens from our online Vancouver dispensary.

Vape Pens

There are several advantages to vaping in the world of cannabis. First, it is just plain healthier for you. You aren’t inhaling the tar and other harmful gases that result from the combustion of plant matter. Also, heating weed to the vaporizing point but not causing combustion allows you to salvage or reuse your cannabis, or extract. Combustion burns up the material, destroying it and any chance of enjoying it further, not to mention the way the flavour is affected by burning.

The vapour you inhale is made from the heating of your substance of choice, by coils in the vaporizer which is sent a current by the vape battery. The vapour created is then inhaled. You can vaporize either plant material or oil or liquid.

Ganjagrams Vape Pens

Vape pens are also now readily available online, and if your online experience is with Ganjagrams, it couldn’t be easier. Vapes are natural for us. Here you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the best distillates and extracts available anywhere.

An Elite Elevation Gold Rechargeable Vape Battery: A compact yet powerful and rechargeable 350mAh battery, compatible with most oil cartridges.

XO Cartridges Mix & Match (pick any 4)–1ml: With Ganjagrams XO Cartridges Mix & Match, you can build your own customizable 4 cartridge pack.

Elite Elevation– Live Resin Cartridges– 1.2ml: The highest quality fresh flash-frozen flowers are used (preserving terpene profiles) to extract our premium Live Resin (HTE) and our high terpene sauce (HTFSE).

Faded Cannabis Co.– Distillate Cartridges– 1ml: These vape pens are made with 99.6% pure THC extracts and 100% phenotype-specific terpenes. A premium, medical-grade cannabis.

Golden Monkey Extracts– Distillate Cartridges–1ml: Made with premium-grade Delta-9 THC distillates, with naturally derived terpenes. Every batch is lab-tested for high-quality.

XO Extracts– BHO Cartridges– Hybrid: This is just the right mix. These pre-filled THC oil cartridges, an ideal way to get high and enjoy terpene flavour without a strong smoke odour.

XO Extracts– BHO Cartridges– Indica: The best of Indica. Another pre-filled THC oil cartridge with terpene-rich flavour.

XO Extracts– BHO Cartridges– Sativa: Made for vaping on the go, this pre-filled THC oil cartridge has all the stuff including the tasty terpenes.

XO Extracts– Distillate Cartridges– 0.6ml: This lab-made distillate is pure and delicious. This is a high-tech way to get high.

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