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Buying Cannabis-Infused Baked Goods Online in Canada

Buy cannabis edibles online from the Ganjagrams online dispensary. You can expect Ganjagrams to provide the highest quality cannabis baked goods available, at the best price possible, and deliver them quickly and discreetly to your door.

Remember brownies? They were a classic way to eat cannabis, freshly baked, using that cannabutter… yum. We honour that decades-old tradition by offering, even more, to make your dosing as tasty as possible.

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Baked Goods

Today’s cannabis consumers represent a wider section of the population than ever before. Many are discovering the tasty convenience of a non-smoking option– buying edibles online, specifically baked goods. Cookies are probably the #1 treat worldwide, although they may be referred to differently depending upon where you are.

Highly lipophilic (lipids or fatty) cannabinoids are perfect for infusing into butter—this is still a natural way for commercial cannabis bakers to make some magic. Cannabis-infused cookies and similar baked goods have great potential as an alternative way to consume for those that do not want to inhale smoke, as well as those looking for discretion, and flavour.

Who doesn’t love great baked goods? These are familiar formats for many consumers, making them an easy decision to ingest. Baked Goods are ideal for treating poor appetite, pain, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia, and weight loss due to a health condition. Many people, medical patients particularly, may find that Baked Goods are a delicious, and preferred way to dose cannabis.

Ganjagrams Baked Goods

Ganjagrams offers a wide assortment of Baked Goods online across Canada. It just doesn’t get more discrete and convenient... and tasty. Both medical and recreational users have access to some of the finest grade cannabis edibles.

We have a full complement of Baked Goods in our edibles offering:

Amino Edibles–cookies– 200mg: Amano Artisanal Edibles specializes in these small-batch baked edibles.

Brownies by Dreamy Delite Edibles: A small carefully crafted company specializing in accurately dosed products with high-quality ingredients. That’s why we love them.

Double Chocolate Chip by Dreamy Delite Edibles (200mg): Chocolate. We’ll say it again– Chocolate. Each bag contains 4 cookies with 50 mg of THC... and chocolate.

Ether Chips– Hot Diablo (40mg): A spicy THC-infused chip. “Bet you can’t eat just one!...” Actually, as with all of these Baked Goods, be careful not to get too... baked. These are cheesy, spicy, and delicious.

White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut by Dreamy Delite (200g THC): A treat with a delicious twist. The chocolate and macadamia nut combination combines sweetness, chewiness, and crunchiness. Oh... and much more.

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies by Faded Edibles (200mg THC): Faded Cannabis Co. strives to create the best tasting, purest and most high-quality edibles in all of Canada, with these chocolate chip cookies prove it!

THC Brownies by Faded Edibles (400mg THC): Nothing says love like a chocolate brownie, and nothing says Faded Cannabis Co. like loads of THC. They earned their chops making THC gummies, now expanding their menu to include baked goods.

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Buy Baked Goods from the Ganjagrams Vancouver Canada online dispensary anywhere in Canada. When you order for the first time, we’ll take 10% off. Free offers are going on all the time. All you do is shop for the dollar amount required for free offers, click on “Claim Offer,” and the item will be automatically added to your cart if the requirement is met. Also, for purchases of $150 or more, shipping is free!