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Smoking Weed Every Day: Can You Still Be Productive The Next Day?

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Can You Smoke Weed Every Day and Stay Productive?

Weed Consumption

Lighting up around the clock is probably more of a couch-locking scenario than a way to increase your productivity, but you can still smoke regularly and still handle ongoing business. Here we provide some helpful tips for managing both aspects of your life, from structuring your consumption to making sure you keep your stash fresh with proper storage.

You may be able to buy cheap weed online at Ganjagrams, but can you smoke weed every day and stay productive? Here are 6 ways:

Think of the profile

You can determine your type of high by the cannabinoid and terpene profile. The content of a strain can help you figure out what type of high you’ll get, how much to consume, and allow you to avoid getting stuck. The look, smell, and effect of your strain choice is more challenging now that everything is a hybrid. It may look Sativa but may actually be Indica.

Think about dose

Find out what works for you. Start small and work up. Pace yourself. Taking one hit after another may end up knocking you on your butt. You might try limiting yourself during the day and save the heavy hitting for night-time.

Gain knowledge

It may not be easy to find, but information about how terpenes and cannabinoids work together will help you understand how they produce certain effects. The more you know about cannabinoids, the more you can know how to consume them.

Consider extracts during the day

Some extracts can actually boost energy and productivity. Live resin is considered to produce uplifting effects. With the right terpenes, you should be in good shape. That said, it should be noted that we do not think that extracts are for everyone. If you are a beginner, it is very important to learn more about them first.


People who vape report a cleaner high with fewer sedative effects. Vaping is considered the healthiest way to consume cannabis. Try vaping, you might avoid drowsiness and the harmful toxins that come from smoking.

No sunlight or heat

Fact is, not storing your weed properly can cause the degradation of THC into CBN (or cannabinol). If you are trying to stay focused, you should not consume cannabinol. Store your weed in an airtight container in a cool dark place.


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