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How to Become an Economic Stoner?

How to Become an Economic Stoner?

The Economics of Cannabis

Saving money and being a stoner has never really gone hand-in-hand. Now that you can buy weed online it is a lot easier to predict the outlay of money and consistently access your favourite strain. It is important to organize your consumption. The consistency you find at Ganjagrams helps you.

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on weed. Whether you have just started or you are more experienced, organizing your consumption is key. Maintaining a budget is a great way to gauge your consumption and make your stash last. Managing one’s consumption isn’t always an intuitive process for some. There are several ways to manage your consumption.

Look for Sales: Buy weed on sales from Canadian online dispensaries whenever possible.

Edibles Over Smoking: Try consuming weed edibles instead of smoking. Burning cannabis is not as efficient as consuming edibles. Ingestion is by far the best way. The digestive tract absorbs more cannabinoids than the lungs, and far less is wasted. 

Vaporizing: Vaping is better than any kind of combustion process. By keeping the heat below combustion levels, you aren’t burning the weed up, allowing you to re-vape your flower.

Buy in Bulk: If you buy in bulk at wholesale prices and can avoid simply smoking more because you have more, you can save on your purchase. Setting up a structure that includes separating your stash into containers helps. It allows you to monitor and measure your intake as you portion it out.

Weed Helper: This sounds almost humorous, but it is actually a great way to enjoy your weed without burning through it quickly. You can try to identify “off days” and try smoking Mullein or Damiana. Or you could try mixing in other herbs with your shake, which can bring in other flavours that go well with the taste of the weed.

Good Storage Techniques: Learning how to properly store your cannabis not only keeps the potency up, but you can keep your weed for a longer period, sometimes for two years or more. Treating great weed as though it were good wine, or a fine cigar is a good way to remember that this is more about quality than quantity.

The Dugout: This is a system that combines storage and hit size limits. This helps you keep track of how much you are using vs how much you are storing. It also helps you understand exactly how much you require to be stoned.

You can Buy and Keep the Best Weed in Canada from Ganjagrams

If you take some structured measures and make some pretty basic changes, you find it much easier to manage and maintain your cannabis consumption. When you buy weed from Ganjagrams, you’re buying some of the best weed in Canada, that’s why we promote quality over quantity and suggest ways of taking good care of it. If you use this knowledge and you are proactive with your weed, you’ll find it to be an economically manageable experience and not a waste of good weed.

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