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10 Facts That You Should Know About Shatter

10 Facts That You Should Know About Shatter

10 Facts About Shatter

Once everyone realized the health benefits of cannabis, and our society began to accept that it was a great way to recreate and medicate, cultivators got to work finding new ways of crafting cannabinoids to maximize the yield.

The weed community has started to turn to concentrates, and the increasingly advanced extraction processes that produce them, for a stronger high, and better medical treatment. Enter shatter.

Shatter is so named for its glass-like quality (more translucent than clear) and is a very pure and potent cannabinoid extraction. It can be either THC or CBD. Shatter is a favourite among dabbing enthusiasts.

Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate produced from the cannabis plant, using solvents. Consistency and viscosity vary from a brittle glass-like quality to a more taffy-like quality. This variance has much to do with the concentration of cannabinoids.

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So, What Are the Shattering Facts?

  1. This concentrate is concentrated. Shatter is one of the most highly concentrated cannabis substances on the market.
  2. Shatter is an intense high. Producing a pure high, only small amounts are needed to achieve the desired level. The high is a pure experience for the user.
  3. Shatter is growing in popularity. With its unbeatable combination of purity and potency, whether for recreation or medicinal uses, people want a highly effective product.
  4. Shatter is increasingly affordable. It is known for being pricey but is now becoming more accessible and more affordable. Thanks to the internet and online dispensaries like Ganjagrams, it is becoming easier and cheaper.
  5. It’s safe. Generally, it is one of the safest substances, depending on what activities you are involved in at the time. But from the dose alone, there has never been a lethal amount.
  6. Shatter doesn’t work in a joint. The only two ways to use this product are with a vape or shatter pen.
  7. Making shatter is dangerous. If not handled correctly, this process can cause injuries or even death. Without the right equipment, you won’t create quality concentrate and a less safe process.
  8. Shatter is fragile. BHO or Butane Hash Oil is used to create shatter. Butane is used as a solvent to extract the plant material from the active compounds. This process results in creating a gooey substance referred to as “cannabis oil.” It is then refined further to become shatter, a glass-like substance that can shatter like glass.
  9. THC shatter is extremely potent, reaching levels of 90% THC. Typically shatter has much fewer terpenes and so is less flavourful than other concentrates. Terpene levels do have much to do with the technology and methodology used, that can dramatically change the flavour.
  10. The attention of the police. Since this concentrate is such a potent one, it has shown up quite often on the radar of law enforcement. Shatter is common on the black market, so make sure you acquire yours through a reputable source, be sure it is safe and legal.

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