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The Best Way to Store Weed

Best way to store weed

How to Keep Your Stash Fresh

If you follow some basic precautions and adhere to some basic requirements, you can keep your weed in good condition for a long time. If you buy high-quality weed, like the kind you get from Ganjagrams, you don’t just throw it in a bag and toss it in a cupboard, you create the proper conditions. If you do this, you may be able to keep it fresh and stable for up to two years… that is, if you can keep from consuming it all.

Whether for the long term or for a shorter time, if you buy weed online in Canada, quality bud requires you to keep it fresh. Great weed is becoming as scrutinized as fine wine. We probably aren’t far off from a wine cellar or humidor. Although cannabis products typically record the date of harvest, you won’t find an expiration date.

Here are some basic tips for you that are best practices for proper storage. So, if you buy weed online from the Ganjagrams Vancouver online dispensary, you’ll want to store it properly.



Not Storing Your Weed

Of course, the most obvious one is not storing it at all. Once you smoke some, you may not be apt to put it away. Leaving it completely exposed and out in the open, destroys weed and is probably the quickest way to lose potency and freshness. Obviously, the least you can do is to put it back in the plastic bag it was originally in.

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Ideal Moisture

One of the most important aspects of the successful storage of weed is moisture content. Drying out is bad for the quality and can ruin potency and flavour, but so can too much moisture. In fact, moisture can actually be the biggest threat to preservation. There are also potential health consequences to smoking mouldy weed. Mycotoxins can cause anything from mild coughing to flu-like symptoms, chest pains, and respiratory problems. Any humidity over 65% will grow mould. Keep in mind that too much moisture is as bad as too little moisture.



Oxygen is another element that damages weed. You’ll want the smallest possible container for your amount of weed. You will be opening your container to access the weed to use it, but you might think about this and open your container as infrequently as possible. A vacuum seal plastic storage bag is another option.

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Certain cannabinoids are destroyed by light. Prolonged exposure to light turns THC into a cannabinoid called CBN. CBN has no psychoactive properties, so simply by laying your bag, jar, or plastic tub of weed in the sun for an extended period will render it essentially useless.


The ideal temperature for storing weed is 21 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures, combined with higher humidity can result in mould and mildew. It can also dry up the terpenes, that’s where the flavour is. Store your weed in a cool place and out of the sun.

It’s Just Cannabis Common Sense

Ganjagrams delivers some high-quality BC weed right to your door, it only makes sense to be ready for it so that it stays in great shape for an extended period of time. If you use this knowledge and you are proactive with your storage procedures and storage area, you can effectively maintain the condition of your stash and prevent a big waste. If you keep in mind that the damaging elements are oxygen, moisture, light, and temperature, you’ll be able to easily prolong the freshness and potency of your high-quality weed.

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