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Can Smelling Weed Get You High? Truths and Myths

Smelling weed

As the leading online dispensary in Canada, we love the smell of weed. That said we also understand that the potent aroma of marijuana isn’t for everybody and if you are not one of the many people looking to buy weed online in Canada you may have some questions regarding the smell of this pungent plant. With Canada legalizing weed, you may have been exposed to this fragrance more in recent years. You don’t have to order Vancouver weed delivery to have been exposed to its scent, and the experts at Ganjagrams are here to address any concerns you may have.

Can smelling weed get you high?

Simply smelling marijuana will not get you high so breathe deep and enjoy the aroma. From a scientific standpoint, after you buy weed online in Canada it needs to be decarboxylated to initiate its effects. In short, you need to smoke it or process it to activate the THC compounds. Until then, the smell of raw weed from your favourite online Canadian dispensary or elsewhere will not get you high.

Research has shown, however, that the smell of fresh marijuana can have a positive impact on you. The terpenes in the cannabis plant can make you feel calm, restore cognitive function, stabilize emotions, and improve mood much like essential oils in a diffuser.

What are the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke?

After your Vancouver weed delivery arrives and you or your friends begin to smoke it, you now can start to pay attention to the effects of secondhand contact highs. For serious cannabis users, smoking marijuana in poorly ventilated areas can increase the effects of their high. The term hotboxing has been used to describe this style of smoking – where inhalation of the plant itself is combined with concentrated exposure to secondhand smoke.

Like secondhand cigarette smoke, there are also negative impacts of secondhand marijuana smoke. In addition to an unwanted contact high, inhaling secondhand smoke is not ideal for the lungs. In addition to potential long-term effects, those exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke may also experience irritation to their airway and eyes. These impacts are compounded with conditions like asthma or allergies.

Smelling marijuana in the moment is one thing – and everyone will have their own opinion on the matter. Getting rid of the smell of weed is another thing, and you can learn more about that from our recent post found here.

If you are looking to buy cheap weed in Canada and enjoy seamless and discrete Vancouver weed delivery, look no further than the experts at Ganjagrams. As the leading online dispensary in Canada, we frankly love the smell of marijuana and firmly believe that no one offers products as beautifully aromatic as ours.

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