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5 Rules You Should Know When Smoking Weed with a Group of People

5 Rules You Should Know When Smoking Weed with a Group of People

5 Rules of Smoking Weed With Others

Do you know the code? There is an unspoken etiquette among a group of smokers. It varies a bit from group to group, but generally they are the same and are based on common sense and common courtesy. Here are some standard guidelines.

Think of Others

Everyone has different tolerances and may not need to smoke more. Maybe they have already smoked and no longer want to. Respect that, and refrain from laying on the peer pressure. This is not a contest, and if they smoke less, there is more for others.

Also, you are less likely to be regarded as a mooch if you demonstrate that you are not taking your gracious hosts for granted. Bring some of your own stash to the circle of friends. If the cannabis is already covered, simply bring some desert, or other kinds of munchies, or maybe some sodas. Most importantly, this is about sharing. Do so freely, with no strings attached.

It helps to pass the joint, pipe or bong in the same direction each time in order to keep track of who’s waiting and who is next.

Who Gets What?

The person who rolled the joint, packed the pipe, or brought the weed should be the one to decide. They have the right to take the first hit. If they are more interested in serving others, they can hand it to someone deserving. Another consideration is to make an effort to maximize another person’s hit. This might involve tapping the bowl for them in an effort to increase the odds of them getting a “greener hit.” Unburned cannabis always produces better results.

Respect House Rules

It is always a respectful move when sharing marijuana, to politely ask your hosts if it is okay to smoke in their house, or if there are any particular house rules that you should be aware of and follow. Follow these same rules when visiting a park, a hotel, or anywhere you decide to smoke.

Be Responsible

Consumption is always based on availability. Is the cannabis abundant or limited? It’s sort of like spending someone’s money. Do they spread it around or do they conserve it? Be cognizant of this. Limit your hits to two then pass it so that there is enough for everyone. If there is an abundance of weed, or maybe fewer people, that may be another consideration entirely. You should also try to avoid being perceived as a “Bogart”. Holding a joint or a pipe is not an opportunity to take advantage of everyone’s attention. Keep it moving.

Respect the Privacy of Others

What happens in your group should stay in your group. You are not the one responsible for another person’s reputation, they are. Maybe they do not want to share that part of their life publicly. You may even cost them a job. Many employers do look at social media accounts. You are not the one that should publicize their behaviour to the world. If you want to post a photo or video that includes them, ask them. An easy way around this extra effort is to limit the image to the joint or bowl and not include anyone in the photo. You could crop them out before posting, or even place an emoji over their face.

Good Rules of Etiquette

Sometimes knowing the rules is a good thing. If you sometimes need to bend them or break them, these could be considered good guidelines, especially if there are those in the circle with whom you are not familiar. Also, these considerations might change after everyone has had a puff or two.

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