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Why Do Seniors Use Cannabis?

Seniors cannabis use

As marijuana legalization has spread across Canada – and the world – an increasing amount of research is being conducted to help uncover even more of the benefits of this beautiful plant. People have been using cannabis for centuries for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and only recently have many of these reasons been vindicated through research.

From pain and stress relief to recreational escape, the benefits of marijuana continue to be uncovered and as the premier place to buy weed online in Canada, the experts at Ganjagrams are all for it! As the leading online dispensary in Canada, we have seen an increase in the diversity of people purchasing our product in recent years. Legalization has opened the door to new users discovering – or perhaps old users rediscovering – the many benefits of marijuana. One demographic in particular, seniors, are making up an increasing amount of the market share. Why do seniors look to buy weed online in Canada? Here are 6 benefits of cannabis that are improving the quality of life for the older generation.

Fight Glaucoma

Fighting glaucoma was one of the first arguments for legal medicinal marijuana decades ago, and that claim still stands. As nerve signals between the brain and eyes break down with age, the optic nerve itself can get damaged and lead to loss of eyesight. This is common in seniors, and studies have shown that cannabinoids found in marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure and the accompanying nerve damage considerably – ultimately leading to better eyesight in an aging population.

Improve Sleep

Deep sleep is hard to come by for some older adults, yet it is a critical component of a healthy life. Deep REM sleep is vital for preventing many age-related ailments and diseases, and sleeping pills simply are not the most healthy solution. Marijuana promotes long periods of high-quality sleep without the side effects of alternate medications, which is why we are seeing more and more people buy Indica weed online.

Pain Relief

Marijuana has been used as a pain reliever for many centuries, and it is still valuable as a pain reliever today. Salves in particular are excellent for nerve, muscle, and joint pain, and smoking weed can also serve as a pain reliever on an as-needed basis.


Manage Anxiety

People of all ages suffer from anxiety, and oftentimes that anxiety can intensify with age as many life changes occur. Retiring, having family members move away, health concerns, and losing loved ones all contribute to rising anxiety in seniors, and marijuana can help with that as a mild antidepressant. Everyone should have the ability to live out their lives in peace and happiness, and the products provided by our online dispensary in Canada can help you do just that.

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Treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s and dementia impact a staggering amount of seniors, and recent studies have shown that using cannabis can actually slow down the process of mental deterioration. While smoking marijuana at too young of an age can cause developmental challenges, consuming it as an adult can do quite the opposite.

Increase Appetite

Most seniors lose their appetite as they age, ultimately leading to weight loss and the weakening of muscles and tissues. Marijuana has long been considered a way to increase appetite, and while the munchies have been a long-running joke in stoner comedies there is actual medical benefits to this side effect. Appetite loss often accompanies surgeries and illness recovery, and it is also a natural part of growing old. Having weed delivery in Vancouver is a quick and easy way to bring that appetite right back!

Whether you are a young adult or senior looking to buy weed online in Canada, look no further than Ganjagrams. The medicinal properties of cannabis are far-reaching, and we guarantee to have strains and products suitable for every style and preference of marijuana user. Explore our site and place an order today to experience the easiest and most affordable Vancouver weed delivery!


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