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Best Ways to Store a Rolled Cannabis Joint

Rolled joints

The Care and Maintenance of a Joint

Sharing a joint with friends is one of the most sociable and enjoyable ways to consume cannabis. Today we have to be careful to include COVID protocols, but it is still quite a social ceremony, from rolling to passing it around.

Some people might prefer a pre-rolled, ready-to-go solution. Sometimes sharing a joint can be an impromptu decision and so, having one ready to go can be advantageous. Either way, depending upon the number of people sharing, you may need to store it and keep it fresh, or you may have ordered several fresh pre-rolled joints from our online dispensary in Vancouver, and need to keep them fresh with proper storage.

Proper Storage is Important

You don’t want to leave your weed sitting out, rolled, or unrolled. When you take that drag off your joint, make sure it isn’t stale. Stale weed is not only less flavourful and not as potent, but it can also be dangerous to your health. You spend money on great weed, and you don’t want it to go to waste.

Making it a habit to properly store your weed is essential to maintaining its integrity. Unless you take measures to store your joints properly, you risk any one of several problems, like mould growth, terpene breakdown and a loss of flavour, loss of potency- which is money down the drain, or too much sunlight causing it to dry up.

Rolling joints

If you buy your weed in bulk and roll your joints in advance, make sure you have proper storage so that your rolling time, your money, and your great weed, don’t go to waste. Whether you prefer buying Sativa or Indica strains online, keep it fresh.

Cannabis Joint Storage Considerations

Here are some storage considerations for your cannabis joints.

  • Have joint, will travel? Saverette or torpedo cone tubes are a great way to carry individual joints. They snap seal and protect the joint during travel.
  • Usually, glass mason jars are for buds, but you can store several pre-rolled joints in one of these jars and they are an inexpensive solution. They may not travel well, as they are bulky and break easily. They also aren’t good for protecting your stash from harmful light.
  • A short-term solution may be a plastic bag, but there is little or no protection from damage or light, and sometimes, if not sealed correctly, you can end up with too much or too little moisture.

If you want to think about the right location, think cool, dark, and dry, like a drawer, a pantry, or a kitchen cabinet, as long as it is a place that protects those who are underage.

For any joints, whether they are being saved for later, or a surplus of pre-rolled joints, it is essential to store them properly to assure that they are fresh, potent, and free of mould. Make sure your experience is optimal every time.

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