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3 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis During the Summer


Summer has Arrived. Make the Most of it.

We’ve got ourselves quite a playground during these months, there’s no bad place to be when you combine warmer temperatures, fun things to do in the sun, and being with friends. Although cannabis can be enjoyed year-round, there are summertime strains that can enhance your summertime activities.

The Ganjagrams summertime selection is a great way to add to the fun in the sun. These strains are fruity, and citrusy, and deliver an energizing high.

This cerebral head high makes things a bit trippy, but many long-time cannabis connoisseurs love its energetic euphoria. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a taste that is a perfect mix of sweet orange and spicy earthiness. Bring along some munchies and enjoy your adventure.


If you’re looking for a quick boost of energy along with a relaxing body buzz, this is a great balance. This 50/50 hybrid is a smooth smoking experience that can really get your creativity revving and get you focused right out of the gate. This “fruity little number” includes notes of tartness and citrus. It is also pretty pungent, so discretion is needed.


This is another 50/50 hybrid, but it tends to lean toward Indica. It is also pretty potent, with a higher THC level. Gelato may be better for after-hours when hanging with friends, although reports do include feelings of relaxation, creativity, and an ability to socialize. Gelato has a tasty profile, combining citrus with notes of dough and yeast. The appealing result is not unlike donuts.



In addition to cannabis-infused main dishes and side dishes, try cookies, brownies, and other munchie snacks. Some summertime favourites include popsicles, iced tea, lemonade, or various cocktails and mocktails.

Keep in mind that when you eat or drink cannabis, you get long-lasting results.

Travelling with Cannabis

Travel is on many people’s minds for summer, and although this can be a wonderful and memorable time with family, it can also be rather stressful. From planning to coordinating, you’ll have to figure out the logistics, like taking time off work, or figuring out where to stay or what activities and destinations to include. For many, this is a much different experience than every other time of the year.

Travelling can be a source of anxiety, just remember that you should opt for a well-suited strain, maybe one more relaxing and less energizing, and refrain from combining cannabis and driving. Although you must never cross into other countries with cannabis in your possession, you can cross into other provinces and territories in Canada. You might consider some “travel-friendly” versions of cannabis like edibles, gummies, or capsules for convenience and discretion.

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