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Things to Do While High and Alone

High alone

Things to do While High and Alone

Everyone has their preference when they buy weed online and decide to consume it. Some folks love to share with all of their friends. Others after shopping at their favourite online dispensary in Canada – Ganjagrams, of course – prefer to get high alone. If this is a foreign concept to you, you aren’t alone. However, getting high alone can actually be quite rewarding. You get to create and cultivate your own experience and maximize whatever it is you would like to do – from exercise to relaxation. Next time you buy Indica or Sativa strains online from Ganjagrams, try getting high alone! Below are five of our favourite high and alone activities.


Whether you buy high-end strains or cheap weed, one of the best things you can do while high and alone is to get outside in nature. From local parks to the massive expanses of wilderness just outside city limits, Vancouver is the perfect place to get stoned and relax or adventure in a beautiful outdoor landscape.



Especially if you buy Sativa strains online, consider getting some exercise in while you are high. Running or biking can be fun endorphin releases while providing a healthy outlet to boot. Similarly, yoga while stoned and alone can be a transcendental experience.



It always seems difficult to set aside time to do art while getting stoned with your friends, yet it can be a very fun and rewarding activity. Next time you buy weed online, save some to smoke on your own and set aside some time to paint, sketch, sculpt, or otherwise work your right brain!



One of the many benefits to getting high by yourself is that you get to call all the shots. That means the speaker is yours to play whatever music suits your fancy, no need to compromise with friends. Similarly, if you are a musician or learning an instrument, getting high and practicing can be very rewarding and is always a ton of fun. Check out some of our creativity-boosting strains at our online dispensary in Canada, and plug that guitar in once your Vancouver weed delivery arrives!



No need to debate what movie to watch when you are getting high by yourself! Simply pick what you want, hit play, and relax! If you are on the Ganjagrams site to buy weed online, however, we would suggest picking a movie before consuming our products. You don’t want to waste half a day scrolling through your viewing options!

Getting high alone can be a highly rewarding, fun, healthy, and formative experience. As the best online dispensary in Canada – with mail-order marijuana that we ship to all provinces – we know a thing or two about different pot-smoking experiences. Ultimately getting high alone is whatever you make of it and, while it won’t be for everybody, everybody should try it once in their life. You may find that it is just what the doctor ordered!

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