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Why Do We Get Red Eyes After Smoking Weed?

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The Red Eye Effect of Weed

There is a common misconception that people who use cannabis do so because they are not able to function without it. The truth is most people use cannabis as a rational choice to enhance their quality of life.

How you are affected by your use of cannabis depends on the individual. It also depends upon the situation at the time, and the type and quality of the cannabis being consumed. Since cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction, most people do not feel that they need to use it continually to feel normal.

But there are some minor, albeit noticeable side effects. One of the most noticeable for some is red eyes. Although some people are less sensitive to this effect than others, red eyes after smoking weed are an inevitable occurrence for cannabis consumers.

The Reason for Red Eye

The reason for red eye is weed’s active compound, THC, which causes the blood vessels in your eyes to dilate. This dilation can cause your eyes to look red, especially if you’ve been smoking weed for a while. Cannabis high in THC content will cause the blood vessels and capillaries in your eyes to dilate, which will result in a reddish appearance. Keep in mind that the bloodshot eye effect may come and go depending on the amount and quality of your weed.

You don’t have to smoke weed in order to get red eyes. Eating edibles, taking tinctures, or vaporizing flowers/concentrates can also prompt this effect. That’s because it’s not the smoke that triggers red eyes, but the cannabinoids.

THC and Blood Pressure

By whatever means you consume cannabis, THC enters your bloodstream and lowers your blood pressure. It does this by dilating blood vessels, including the capillaries in your eyes. When more blood flows into your eyes, they become red. This is not a hazard. In fact, cannabis consumption is often recommended for patients with glaucoma.

Red Eye is a Good Sign

Red eye is a sign of a health benefit. All it means is that pressure is being released and more blood is being used. Along with lowering blood pressure, it alleviates one of the symptoms of glaucoma– the build-up of pressure over time. If left untreated, this pressure can cause blindness. Even though cannabis doesn’t completely eliminate glaucoma, it helps patients live with the symptoms without worrying about losing sight.

Red Eye Can Be Unsightly

There are a few things you can do to keep from revealing your consumption of cannabis. Red eyes are not necessarily the desired reaction because many times when you’re high and show up somewhere, people will be able to tell that you’ve just consumed cannabis with THC.

For a faster remedy, in the event that waiting is not an option, use eye drops. Buy the kind of eye drops that are designed specifically for red eyes. They will mitigate both their dryness and redness.

You can also try coffee or chocolate. Since the THC in cannabis dilates the blood vessels, making your eyes red, you can consume coffee or chocolate to constrict them again.

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