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How To Get Higher From Weed

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Taking Weed to a Higher Level

Sometimes it seems like you need to consume more weed to get to the level of high you’d like. It is possible to develop a tolerance for weed over time and frequent use. This means that your system has adjusted to a certain amount of cannabis on a regular basis.

If you want to get higher from weed, you’ll need to try something new. This could mean using a different, more potent strain of cannabis, trying a new method of consumption, or possibly changing something about your other consumption.

Getting Higher

You may be smoking marijuana flowers. You could be smoking joints, bongs, or bowls. At some point, you hit a wall. You could try simply smoking more, you could go from regular joints to bigger joints, or have more hits off a bowl or bong.

Smoking more cannabis is not the only way to get to a new level. You could also try a different method of consuming cannabis, like vaping or edibles. Or you could try a different strain of cannabis that has a higher THC content. If you’re looking to get high from weed, you’ll need to explore other cannabis products besides dried buds. Other forms of cannabis can contain much more THC than dried marijuana and will give you a stronger high.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! There’s sure to be a way to get higher from weed that works for you.

Concentrates and Edibles

Other forms of cannabis, like concentrates and edibles, contain much more THC than dried marijuana and will give you a stronger high.

Cannabis Concentrates: When you buy a product that has a higher and more precise extraction of cannabinoids, it is considered a concentrate. It has eliminated all the plant matter and other materials that don’t contribute to its potency. If simply getting high is the objective, this is an efficient way to go. Buy concentrates online in Canada from Ganjagrams.

Edibles: Edibles use cannabinoid extraction and infuse it into food that you can consume through your digestive system. Although this takes longer to deliver an effect, it produces a more extensive and deeper high experience, because your digestive system can process more of the cannabinoid than your lungs can. Buy edibles online in Canada from Ganjagrams.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is best described as the increased benefit you experience when using a full-spectrum product that contains all the active ingredients, which include terpenes and the many cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. In this case, the benefit would be a richer and more profound psychoactive experience. Consume all the compounds alongside THC, which means you’ll have a better high.

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