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Head High vs. Body High: What’s the Difference?


The Difference Between Head and Body Highs

Ganjagrams has many online strains to choose from. You should know that all modern strains of cannabis are a balance of the two strains of the marijuana plant, Sativa and Indica, and each produces different highs. Either way weed highs can be incredibly euphoric and enjoyable. It feels like all your worries and cares are lifted away, and you’re free to just enjoy the moment. Some people even describe it as a “body high” because you feel it throughout your whole body, others describe a more energetic head high. Is there a difference?

Head High VS Body High

Head highs are associated with a sense of having more energy and motivation, and typically a rush of creative thinking. Research about the stimulating effects of cannabis on human brains reveals that some people simply feel more mentally and physically alert with its consumption.

Body highs are associated with an overall body buzz. Slowing down the communications between your cells and your nervous system can help trigger a chilled, less tense mood. By giving your brain a chance to relax, you may be able to improve your overall well-being.

Sativa High VS Indica High

A Sativa dominant strain is more cerebral and energizing, considered more of a “head high,” while an Indica dominant strain is more relaxing and calming, and considered more of a “body high.” Sativas typically have higher levels of THC, which is attributed more to the head high, while Indicas have higher levels of CBD, which is considered to have to influence the body high.

Sativa dominant strains are often seen as the choice of artists, authors, and musicians during their creative processes. They provide a boost of inspiration that can help you complete your task. Feeling too exhausted to finish a task? Sativa dominant strains may help give you the energy boost needed to complete your mission. Buy Sativa dominant strains online at Ganjagrams.

An Indica-dominant strain can be a great way to get some solid sleep. Some call it a “bedtime buzz” or “couch-lock” rather than a body high. Regardless of what it is called, an Indica dominant strain is all about feeling relaxed, peaceful, and drowsy, allowing you to crawl in and get away. Buy Indica dominant strains online at Ganjagrams.

A head high can be a great way to finally tackle your most mundane tasks, but it’s important to try a balance that is right for you and make sure you start slowly with a lower dose and work up from there. Many of the best strains have just the right hybrid balance for you.

Ganjagrams Has All the Strains You Need

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