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How Should You Mix Different Cannabis Strains Together?

Cannabis strains

How to Mix Cannabis Strains Together

Cannabis Strains

You may have a favourite strain. There are a lot of them to choose from and they all have their own potency, flavour, and effect. Mixing strains may very well be a great way to concoct your own perfect balance.

We’d like to offer some helpful tips to make sure you are successful at blending some strains that do well together.

Why Mix?

Well first, we’re pretty sure that you are no stranger to experimentation. Seeing as though each strain has its own special effect, you might want to combine them, and have more than one effect that you fancy. You could even give it your own name! Get creative!

Maybe you want to combine two heavy hitters that put you on the couch or give you a sound sleep. Or maybe you want to try combining two energizing strains for an active day. Or maybe you want to see how opposites attract and combine two strains that express complementary effects, sort of a “best of both worlds” approach.

There’s More Than One Reason to Mix

Then there are the terpenes. Great cannabis is like a fine wine. The subtle nuances of flavour and aroma can be wonderful. That’s where the terpenes come in and can make your mixture of flavour and aroma one of a kind. Terpenes are also said to affect the quality of your high.

Combining a CBD strain with a THC strain can temper the potency a bit so your high isn’t as intense. The CBD actually prevents THC from binding with CB1 receptors, so combining THC potent cannabis with CBD cannabis governs the high.

A good basic example of mixing two strains would be a strong or intense Sativa with a body buzzing Indica. The result can be a balanced, and well-rounded result.

When choosing the right combination, the cannabinoid profiles of the strains have as much to do with pairing as anything else. You can also consider genetics and the previously mentioned terpenes. A few combinations we suggest are:

Blue Mystic and Royal Cheese:

These two terpene-rich strains combine sugar, fruits, and sweetness with earthiness and cheese. If you’re looking to create an earthy, fruity flavour, this is a way to experience heaven on earth. This combination delivers a significant relaxing buzz. Make sure you know where your pillow is.

Medical Mass and Royal Domina:

Here’s the combo of the powerful high of Royal Domina with the temperament of the Medical Mass CBD content. Royal Domina provides a powerful THC body high. When combined with the Sativa dominant Medical Mass, you’ll be alert and high functioning, with your head in the clouds.

OG Kush and Sour Diesel:

These two together deliver a well-rounded high. Sour Diesel brings in the energetic buzz and flavourful terpenes, while the Indica dominant OG Kush has an earthier and fuller, or richer effect. They are a beautifully balanced couple that dances well together.

These combinations are complementary and are chosen to balance the mind-altering effects with the ability to manage them.

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