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What Is 420 and Where Did It Come From?


What is 420?

420, or 4/20, or 4:20, is the number that celebrates the smoking of cannabis. It does land on April 20th, and for many, represents a holiday. It can also represent a time of day that many decide that it is time to smoke weed, like 4:20pm. It has even become a verb, as in “let’s 420 this joint” (meaning to smoke it).

When a term becomes this big, it can be used in many ways and for many reasons. The origin of 420 has become legend, and with all legends, its history becomes increasingly, well, foggy. As foggy as say, San Rafael Northern California.

The History of 420

One of the most prominent stories to surface was from 1971. A group of five teenage students at the San Rafael high school met at 4:20pm, after a sports practice, to smoke weed. Their meeting place was next to a wall by the school. This earned them the nickname “The Waldos.” From this point on it was said that a culture was born. It grew from there, and today, we honour this ritual gathering. Many of us now have our own “wall” location and a time to unite and imbibe together.



Another (most likely speculative) use of the term 420 comes from the idea that police used the term as a code for “marijuana smoking in progress.” Although there is little or no evidence to support this, it might very well have been a way for police to easily communicate to each other about activity that has since become legal.

Then there is the belief that 420 represents the number of active chemicals in cannabis (another subjective origin). In fact, cannabis has as many as 500 different components.

As with all powerful origin myths, time will build an even bigger story. An H.P. Lovecraft and Kenneth J. Sterling short story “In the Walls of Eryx” makes reference to a “mirage-plant.” In this scene the narrator checks his watch and notices that the time is 4:20. The distortion of his experience seems strangely familiar. Written and published in Weird Tales magazine in 1939, it is perhaps the earliest reference to 4:20 that exists.

The Power of 420

The date 4/20 has also come to represent the protest of socio-political issues like corporate corruption, war and other institutionalized violence, police brutality, bigotry, and more. This holiday harkens back to a time before legalization in Canada and the United States, when people began to protest social injustice. 420 now represents a new way of thinking and a way to celebrate peace.

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