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How to Come Down From a Cannabis High

Cannabis high

How to Come Down from a Cannabis High

Whether you are looking to buy weed online in Canada for the first time or have purchased flower or Canadian edibles online before, Ganjagrams has firmly cemented itself as the best dispensary in Canada. Our experts have been in the industry for a long time and while we realize marijuana has many positive side effects, we also recognize that smoking weed isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you buy organic weed or cheap weed in Canada, sometimes getting high just isn’t for you.

At its absolute worst, smoking weed can create feelings of paranoia or anxiety, panic, and confusion. The effects can ebb and flow over the course of being high, and these are largely determined by how you consumed the product, how much you consumed, how potent the marijuana was, your tolerance, and your weight. While it may take up to an hour to feel the effects of marijuana, they could and often do last for hours. The effects will wear off, however – it is important to understand that nothing is permanent – and below are some tips to help come down from a cannabis high.


Trying to relax is the best thing you can do to help yourself come down. The effects of marijuana are temporary, and it is critical to remember this. Lie down, get comfortable, throw on a comforting movie or music, and take some deep breaths.

Sleep it Off

A step past relaxing, if you really need to come down try and take a nap or go to bed. While not a good tip if you need to do something or be somewhere, sleep is often the key to really getting your feet back on the ground.

Drink Water

Hydration is always a good idea, and if you are too high drinking a nice cold glass of water is a great way to fight off dry mouth and feel a bit more normal. Water is life, and drinking water when you are a bit too high can have a sobering effect mentally.

Find a Distraction

If your brain is swimming, simply find something to take your mind off of this uncomfortable mindset. Watch something goofy, write in a journal, read, draw, or simply get outside and walk. You may be surprised by how much a change of scenery or activity can bring you back to Earth.

Take Some CBD

While originating in the same plant, CBD can have very different effects than THC. CBD is often used to treat anxiety and, as such, can balance out some of the negative effects of the marijuana you have already consumed.

If you are looking to buy weed online in Canada, Ganjagrams is here for you. As the best dispensary in Canada to buy organic weed or Canadian edibles online, we guarantee to have something in our store for everyone. If you have any questions or are looking for suggestions contact our attentive customer support and check our blog posts to learn more about our products and the benefits of marijuana.

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