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5 Surprising Marijuana Statistics


Five Surprising Marijuana Statistics

Cannabis is used both medically and recreationally for its all-encompassing positive affect on health and wellness. Different strains of cannabis yield different results. For instance, Indicas are for a body high, Sativas are for a head high, and hybrids are for a little bit of both. Cannabis can help with loss of appetite, insomnia and most everything in between. What was once considered a controversial and illegal substance, is now considered a miracle drug that has been legalized in Canada and other parts of the world. Cannabis has benefits of all sorts that are recognized not only by its users, but by their doctors too. Below are five statistics about cannabis you may be surprised to learn:

92% of patients who use medicinal marijuana have found it to be a successful treatment

Those who took part in this survey were from different age groups, backgrounds, and had a range of medical conditions like glaucoma, depression, and pain. 92% agreed that the medical marijuana worked wonders for their ailments.

More than 75% of doctors endorse the use of medical marijuana

Patients and doctors alike are recognizing the success of medical marijuana use. 76% of doctors in the USA would recommend medical grade marijuana to their patients and 78% of doctors outside of the USA would prescribe medical marijuana to their patients.

More than 4.5 million cannabis users are Canadian

With pot becoming legal in Canada, it’s only natural that over 4.5 million users would be Canadian. It does vary from province to province seemingly based on the number of cannabis stores in their province. Geographically, Nova Scotia takes the cake with 21.6% cannabis users, but Newfoundland isn’t too far behind with 19.2%. At the other end of the spectrum lies Quebec, with only 13.6% of cannabis users. In terms of gender, 19.4% of males are pot smokers and 11.3% are female. As for age, 27.4% are between the ages of 15 and 24 and 23.2% are between 25 to 34. There is a steep drop off in rates after the age of 34 but it is expected to rise as medical marijuana becomes more common practice.

Marijuana reduces anxiety and depression by 50% or more

As well as a myriad of medical conditions like epilepsy and chronic pain, people use medical marijuana to treat anxiety and depression. Those using medical marijuana felt 50% less depressed and 58% less anxious. Effects were experienced after only two puffs of a joint.

42% of people stop taking traditional medications when they start using CBD

CBD has the medicinal effects of cannabis without the psychedelic high. CBD comes in oil, topical solutions, edibles, and of course, strains of marijuana. 80% of CBD users found it effective as a medical treatment. So much so that 42% stopped using traditional medications. There is no risk of overdose or addiction with CBD because there are no harmful side effects like you’d have with opioids or antidepressants.


With more research being done, there has been a shift in the perception of marijuana. It no longer has the negative connotation it once did. Cannabis has become popular in the US and Canada reaching a broader audience than ever before thanks to online dispensaries like Ganjagrams. We sell top-shelf cannabis for bottom-line prices. Take advantage of our freebies, loyalty programs, and coupon codes online. We have a wide selection of flowers, CBD, strong marijuana edibles, and concentrates to take the edge off. Life is meant to be enjoyed. If you need a little help with that, Do weed – even doctors are recommending it.  

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