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Pairing Food with Cannabis

Pairing food and cannabis

Cannabis as an Ingredient

There is a science behind food-pairing with cannabis to create cannabis-infused, gourmet meals. There are also plenty of great ideas to inspire your own culinary creations with cannabis.

Select just the right cannabis concentrate for your meal or make your own cannabutter from scratch to use in different dishes. There are new recipes, strains, and ways to enjoy cannabis being developed all the time, providing exciting experiences for all cannabis consumers.

There has even been an emergence of cannabis chefs. They create cannabis-infused dishes for high-end gourmet dining experiences. Like the pairing of just the right wine with certain foods, the same is true for pairing terpenes with a favourite dish.


What Are Terpenes and How Can I Use Them?

In the case of cannabis, terpenes are natural aromatic compounds that can combine very well with certain dishes. Each plant’s combination of terpenes determines a signature scent and meshes with different kinds of foods. Here are a few:

A rich and spicy terpene, it is also found in cloves and black pepper, and herbs like oregano and basil. This might pair well with dark meat dishes, or certain vegetables or mushrooms.

This terpene’s aroma is woodsy, earthy, and even a little spicy. It goes well with herbs like rosemary and thyme. You could include this in a recipe for lemon chicken, or a hearty soup like Minestrone.

A citrusy terpene, limonene is great for foods you’d normally include citrus in like fish, salads, or deserts that use lemon in the recipe.

This is the terpene that represents the classic marijuana smell. A spicy floral aroma reminds one of the plants such as lavender and mint and spices like cinnamon and coriander. Linalool pairs well with certain curry dishes as well as certain cinnamon-flavoured deserts.

This terpene is the one most commonly found in cannabis (up to 65% in some strains). This terpene is earthy, musky, and fruity. It is perfect for a mango cobbler, or a mango salsa.

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