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Can You Combine Magic Mushrooms and Alcohol?

Shrooms and alcohol

Should You Combine Mushrooms and Alcohol?

Magic mushrooms have become recognized as an effective way to search inwardly and change the way we approach life, and they are increasingly sought after for several medical benefits. If taken responsibly, magic mushrooms can help you positively change your feelings of self, of other people, and your circumstance.

Having a beer is almost synonymous with spending time with friends. Millions of people all over the world consume alcohol to relax and lower their inhibitions. On the surface, one might deduce that combining psilocybin and alcohol is a great combination, but this is frequently not the case.

To understand the effects of combining magic mushrooms and alcohol, it is best to start by looking at each separately. Although both substances are used recreationally, they have dramatically different effects.

What Shrooms Do

Magic mushrooms are organic and non-addictive. Many people use psilocybin for recreational purposes. If taken responsibly, magic mushrooms are one of the safest ways to recreate them. Many consume magic mushrooms for medical reasons and find it provides effective therapy for several conditions including anxiety, pain relief, depression, and general mind-boosting. There are also reports of increased energy, a spiritual awakening, and increased productivity.

There are some side effects that you should look out for, like profuse sweating, increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure, hallucinations, and varying degrees of paranoia. Certainly, good judgement is a plus when choosing the right dose of magic mushrooms, judgement can be diminished with alcohol.

What Alcohol Does

Good judgement doesn’t always go hand in hand with alcohol consumption, although consumption of alcohol is much more common, and readily accepted in public and in private, frequently consumed in bars, restaurants, and at home.

It is probably safe to say that drinking alcohol has a negative effect on psilocybin consumption. Consuming any kind of hallucinogen is best combined with good judgement.

Although some claim that alcohol relieves some nausea caused by consuming raw dried shrooms, alcohol is not only habit-forming but also a substance that has proven to have adverse effects on your health, like alcohol poisoning and liver damage. Although alcohol is a substance that causes relaxation and confidence, it is also a substance that causes confusion, drowsiness, slurred speech, and impairment of your ability to make good choices.

Their Combined Effect on the Human Body

People drink in an attempt to set aside their troubles. Shrooms, on the other hand, allow you to address difficult issues differently, shifting your perspective, and allowing you to be more open-minded. Drinking inhibits our ability to process and gain any kind of insight. When you are consuming psilocybin mushrooms, it is not a good time to impair good judgement by drinking alcohol.

There are several opposing intentions between alcohol consumption and magic mushroom consumption. One substance tends to counter the effects of the other. For instance, drinking should never be considered a way to increase productivity, yet many people do consume magic mushrooms with the intention of doing just that. Drinking alcohol in combination with consuming magic mushrooms also frequently reduces the effectiveness of psilocybin.

So, sure, you can combine alcohol and shrooms, but it is mostly counterproductive. As you probably already know, moderation is always a wise decision.

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