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Cannabis and Yoga: A Perfect Pairing

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Yoga and Cannabis

When you think of relaxation, you may think of yoga or you may think of cannabis, but have you ever thought of the two together? The two are often used together and can provide both a calming effect and invigoration. It seems like these two in combination are made for each other. They can help you relax better while letting you feel happier all day.


Yoga involves several physical and mental exercises that can improve your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellness. These mental and physical exercises help you relax and enhance your concentration, while decreasing stress, increasing your ability to concentrate, reducing pain, and improving flexibility.

There are several types of yoga for different purposes. Some yoga helps your body avoid injury by holding poses and toning muscles and joints, some yoga focuses more on sleep or concentration through breathing and entering a relaxed state, or there is yoga for pain relief involving slow controlled movements. Yoga can also be combined with other activities like physical activity or meditation.

But what about combining yoga with cannabis?

Using Cannabis with Yoga

Yoga can aid in the benefits of enjoying cannabis, although some types of yoga are better suited for cannabis consumption than others. Some types of yoga involve standing or walking around, and so are better for including cannabis because they allow for active inhalation, as opposed to those types of yoga that mostly involve lying down. Another example would be if you are consuming cannabis to treat anxiety, a yoga pose that involves deep breathing, like the downward dog pose, is one where you can take deep breaths while standing, and while walking around the room.

The Benefits of Combining

When you combine the ability of cannabis to provide a deeper state of relaxation, with the stress-relieving results of yoga, it can be a very appealing combination. Try practicing yoga just after consuming cannabis, you’ll find you can do so in a more relaxed and calm state. Cannabis also is effective in relieving pain and anxiety, allowing you to focus more on your yoga session.

Yoga also increases your flexibility, which eases joint pain, and reduces the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone that weakens your muscles and joints. In combination, cannabis and yoga go a long way to managing your conditions, feeling more relaxed, and relieving stress.

A Perfect Pairing

There may be several reasons for practicing yoga or consuming cannabis. The two together can serve to combine two powerful relaxation techniques. You may have a long history of practicing yoga, if so, you might be interested in the added benefits that cannabis offers.

When combining yoga and cannabis together, you may improve levels of relief and deepen your relaxation.

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