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5 Activities For Stoner Couples

Typically couples who share an interest or two between them enjoy each other’s company. As a couple, there are many ways to share your mutual interest in cannabis. A wonderful experience with your significant other can be even more enjoyable when you’re stoned together.

Here are 5 activities that you can try together while you’re stoned. Whether you start by smoking, munching, or dabbing, is up to you and just the beginning.

What Activities are Better Together? Especially When You’re High?

  1. Go On An “Appetizer/Dessert Crawl:” Who doesn’t have a favourite craving? You can also discover something new together, but before you dip into your cannabis, plot your course. You can start with an appetizer and end with dessert, or you might consider your sequence to be based on the locations of each eatery. Another option, if you’re not into braving the big world out there, is to identify those food services that offer delivery. There are certainly ways to keep a heavy high from thwarting your plans for the evening.
  2. Try a New Form of Art: This is a good time to explore your unbridled creativity. Ever wandered through an art and craft store? There are many ideas just waiting to happen, with plenty of laughs along the way. It may be best to do your shopping before you get high… or not. You might pick out projects that challenge you to try new things. Creating an art project together is a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Or you could also do your own thing together and compare at the end. You’ll also have something you can keep and remember your time together.
  3. See a Concert: Probably the most common activity is to get high at a concert. The two of you can enjoy this classic combo together for a truly higher level of energy. Music is something that most happy couples share in common. Once you select your favourite artist or type of music, timing then becomes all-important. Get stoned just before the concert starts. If a venue is not available, or you prefer not to go out into the masses, try being your own DJ in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Play a Game: You may find, as many do, that your focus increases when you get high, depending on the strain. Playing a game, like a video game is a great way to connect with your partner (or learn more about them). There are many adventures in gaming, Grand Theft Auto or StarCraft among them.
  5. Visit A Planetarium: This is a good opportunity for the two of you to become “one with the universe” together. An exploration of the universe is the ultimate trip. Not everyone has quick access to a pristine outdoor experience, so this environment can be a spectacular replacement. Exploring the stars together can be wondrous and romantic.

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