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9 Ways to Deal With a Bad Cannabis High

Bad trip

Have You Ever Had a Bad Trip?

Can something as enjoyable as using cannabis ever become unpleasant? Most of the time it is pretty great, but there are those times when something goes wrong.

It is possible if you ingest to much of an edible product, or consume too much of an extremely potent strain of cannabis or are new to cannabis consumption and have simply consumed more than you’re used to.

Some ‘Bad trips’ have been documented, causing anxiety and fear, or worse. Since cannabis affects various neurotransmitters if overdone the regulation of bodily functions can be affected.

Deal With It in 9 Ways

Here are 9 things you can try to alleviate some of the symptoms from a trip that has gone sideways.

Be Reassuring to Yourself:

Don’t panic. Although it may seem overwhelming, just ride it out, calm yourself, and you will be okay.

Take a Walk:

Even it is merely around the block, getting out and moving around can help a lot. Beginning any physical activity when you’re really high can be problematic, but once you begin it can clear your head, and calm you down.

A Friend Indeed:

If you are experiencing difficulties, never hesitate to reach out to a friend. Invite them to come over and hang out. It is easier to go through this experience with the right person.

Take Some Deep Breaths:

A bad high can result in feelings of paranoia. In this situation, you can try some deep breathing exercises. A long deep breath and a slow exhale can be relaxing and keep your mind off the paranoid perspective.

A Shower or Bath is the Best Medicine:

A hot shower or bath is good therapy. It can relieve feelings of nausea. It is believed that hot water may stimulate the body to change sensory signals.

Distract Yourself:

Try not to make a bad high worse by focusing on negative feelings. Try to distract yourself. Identify something that you find enjoyable. Refocusing your attention on something other than the bad high will help.

Quality Time with a Pet:

This is about the unconditional love of your closest friend, your pet. Getting cozy with your pet can lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and reduce stress hormone levels. Petting your pet can promote relaxation and help you ride out the storm.

Essential Oils:

The use of essential oils can be a powerful tool. Many essential oils are specifically crafted to help you feel calm. Lavender oil or lemon balm oil are known for reducing anxiety. Just open a bottle and take a deep breath.

Eat and Hydrate. You’ll Feel Better:

It is possible that during a bad trip, you feel too anxious to eat. If you drink water, it is not only nature’s solvent, but it helps you refocus your attention. Eating a favourite food is also comforting.


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