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4 Ways Marijuana Affects Your Immune System

Immune system

Whether you are looking to buy top-shelf or cheap weed online, Ganjagrams has you covered. We have worked tirelessly to become the best dispensary in Canada, and our inventory, pricing, and expert staff all contribute to this hard earned reputation. In recent years medical marijuana has gained more and more traction, with its benefits helping everything from cancer, eye problems, to pain relief. That said, the impacts of cannabis on your immune system is largely unknown. Certainly more research needs to be done, but below are 4 ways that marijuana could impact your immune system.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana are not new, but how these properties may be tied to your immune system are just starting to be uncovered. The inflammatory response of your body when reacting to damage or infection is part of the natural healing process. Because marijuana can be anti-inflammatory this could actually slow your healing. The flip side, of course, is that too much inflammation is a bad thing, and the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana can help reduce excess inflammation.


Apoptosis is when your immune system communicates to diseased cells that it is time for them to die. With cancer, cells ignore this message and keep growing. Again, research is still very young in this field but there are some early indications that marijuana may actually boost certain types of apoptosis potentially helping the body with the fight against cancer.


HIV, and AIDS by association, is one of the most well known and tragic immune system diseases. Early research, however, has shown that cannabis may actually help reduce some of the symptoms of HIV and AIDS. HIV and AIDS patients who consume marijuana seem to have better T-cell levels than their peers who do not. While this correlation is intriguing, many HIV or AIDS patients choose to consume marijuana more for its pain reducing and appetite increasing capabilities.

Boosting and Weakening

Here is where the research begins to get a little more blurry, as different studies have had drastically different findings when it comes to overall immune system health. In short, healthy people are likely slightly harming their immune system if they consume marijuana regularly. If you suffer from and immune system disease or disorder, however, smoking cannabis may actually be to your benefit. While more research is needed, the fact that so much research is already being done is reason for optimism!

As the leading cannabis dispensary in Canada, the experts at Ganjagrams are always eager to learn more about the growing benefits of marijuana consumption. Contact us or explore our online store today – we guarantee you will find something that fits your style of consumption and budget!


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