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What is Cannabis Tolerance? What You Need to Know

Cannabis tolerance

What You Should Know About Cannabis Tolerance

What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Simply put, cannabis tolerance is the degree to which your body is tolerant of the effects of marijuana. The cannabis receptors in a person’s brain adapt to the cannabinoid compounds. Each person’s endocannabinoid system is unique and reacts to cannabis differently. So, it follows that no two consumers will experience the same effects.

Cannabis activates the CB1 receptors in the brain. The more cannabis is consumed, the more active they become. At some point, they are activated to the degree that they become desensitized and in fact, build up a resistance to cannabinoids. This of course results in receiving less effect and requires increased cannabis usage.

Much of the tolerance levels have to do with your frequency of cannabis consumption. Over time a person’s tolerance may increase. At this point, it may be a good idea to put yourself through a marijuana tolerance break. This “resets” your system and allows you to return to more manageable levels.


How to Take Measures to Address Cannabis Tolerance

Measuring your tolerance level is not complicated, it isn’t the same for everyone either. The key is to monitor yourself. During this time, you might find it helpful to use cannabis products that have precise doses such as edibles, or certain concentrates like tinctures instead of smoking or vaping.

Based on a 10mg THC edible, if you ingest 2.5 mg, and wait 30 minutes, odds are that the effects are not going to be as significant if you are developing a tolerance. Based on this information, the person’s tolerance level would be 2.5 mg.

How Fast Does Tolerance Change?

This answer is based on the particular user. It depends upon how frequently they use cannabis. If the person is a frequent user, they probably already have cannabis compounds in their system. This means that the person’s C1 receptors have been continually activated to the point of becoming desensitized. This condition is particularly common among medical marijuana users that require higher doses on a daily basis. So, the rate of tolerance development is an inexact determination due to personal usage habits, potency, and physiology.

Resetting Your Tolerance

Resetting your tolerance may be a tough task for some. It means setting it aside for a time and giving your C1 receptors a rest. You may wish to be self-observant as you consume to see where your level currently is. Keep in mind that those with lower tolerance require less cannabis to experience the effects or the benefits. A marijuana tolerance break might be just what you need to reset your tolerance level.

There actually is no precise and consistent way to determine your tolerance level, you’ll have to pay close attention and be honest with yourself.

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