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How do you Smoke Hash?

smoke hash
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What is hash?

Hash has become a lot more popular for people who buy weed online and in dispensaries in Canada. Some of the new pot smokers still have no clue what hash is. Let us explain. Hash is basically a compressed form of THC that can be made into many different texture and colour. The most common form is hash is either bubble hash or finger hash. The bubble hash is made from extremely cold water to freeze the trichomes out of the plant or marijuana bud. Once mixed for a certain amount of hours, you then pour the water out into a five nylon mesh to filter out all the weed matter. Once the product is dry this will turn it into bubble hash. Finger hash has been made for over decades in Indica where they would rub the THC from the plant onto there hands to compressed the THC together. Here are some good points about hash:

  • Two popular forms of hash such as bubble hash and dry hash
  • Gives a more relaxing high than smoking cannabis.

How to smoke hash?

Source: Marijuana-seeds


How to Smoke Hash?

There are many different preferences to smoking hash. In my experience I like to microwave the hash first to make the hash a lot softer so its easier to break it into small pieces. When microwave the scent of the hash comes a lot stronger making it tastier. Then I would mix it with some medium quality marijuana bud, so I don’t waste the high quality cannabis. I personally enjoy smoking the Blonde Moroccan Hash now available at Ganjagrams. Many other people prefer smoking the hash with a bong because its a lot easier for pot smokers to dosage there medication. The most popular way for old timers to smoke hash is to break it into small pieces and hot knife it. Many old timers say the new way of smoking hash doesn’t give you the same relaxing high as hot knifing would. It can sound a little bit weird, but everyone has there known preference when smoking hash. Here’s some important pointers about smoking hash:

Modern Way to Smoke Hash:

  • Mix it with some weed in a joint
  • Using a bong

Old Time Pot Smokers way to Smoke Hash:

  • Using a hot knife and inhaling the smoke of the hash
  • Mixing the hash with tobacco.

how to smoke hash?

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