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Marijuana Moonrocks

Marijuana Moonrocks
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Inside Marijuana Moonrocks

Marijuana Moonrocks are made by covering a marijuana bud with THC infused oil and then covering the oil with kief. Typically, you would want to use high-quality marijuana buds to maximise the potency and strength of the moonrocks. The combination of cannabis bud, kief, and oil makes the smoke a lot tastier and stronger.

Marijuana Moonrocks

img source: durangogreenery

Who thought of this idea?

Founded in America, a rapper that goes by the name Kurupt thought of this brilliant idea to trademark moonrocks to call them Kurupt’s moonrock. Most cannabis smokers who been smoking weed and buying weed online claims that Kurupt wasn’t the first one to create this idea of moonrocks. Even though he didn’t create moonrocks, he sure did put it on the map around the world.

marijuana moonrocks

img source: Herb Co.

How to smoke Moon Rocks?

Smoking moon rocks is a luxury. You would not want to put these moonrocks in a grinder because the oil gets stuck in the teeth. Typically you would want to cut the moonrocks into small pieces and mix it with some bud to smoke in a bong. Make sure you don’t pack the bowl too much because it could clog the pipe. My personal preference is too cut the moonrock into small pieces and mix it with some ground up marijuana to smoke in a joint. This way makes the joint burn a lot slower and gives the joint an amazing taste. The strawberry flavoured moonrocks by Kurupt is definitely a must-try, it can turn any weed into an amazing smoke.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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