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Psilocybin for Athletes

Shrooms for athletes

Athletes Benefit from Psilocybin

Athletes around the world are benefiting from a new age of enlightenment and a hallucinogen renaissance. Research is finding that psychedelics are beneficial to athletes for their ability to heal and manage mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Substances like Psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca, DMT, and ketamine are now being investigated by major sports associations to help athletes with brain health.

Famous athletes like Mike Tyson, and Riley Cote, Ian McCall, and Lamar Odom have made public statements about how these substances have helped them overcome addiction, brain injuries, and mental health conditions. Here we discuss the role psilocybin plays in the performance and mental health of athletes.


Enhanced Thinking and Focus

One major benefit of psilocybin is the loss of ego. This mindset allows the athlete to focus more on the activity they are performing and less on the extraneous and distracting fear and anxiety of the competition. They can completely immerse themselves in the game or performance.

Focus can make or break the performance. When the athlete is focused, the mind and body unite to perform the task at hand, improving balance and reflexes.

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