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How to Find the Right Bong For You

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”15597″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”How to Find the Right Bong For You”] Bongs are a healthier way to smoke since they filter the water soluble components of the smoke like ash and tar, leading to a cleaner and smoother smoke.[/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]Every seasoned stoner knows there are a variety of accessories and equipment that can be used when having their smoke. These range from glass bongs, dab rigs, bubblers and concentrate pipes.

Bongs are also ideal for first time smokers since their smoke is less irritating to the throat as compared with other methods of smoking. It comes in a wide variety of materials and designs, and as such, choosing the right bong to suit your needs can be quite a confusing task, especially for newbies.

Buying a bong is an experience that comes with a lot of excitement, and if you are doing it for the first time, the process could appear daunting. If you are in the market to get a bong, you probably have wondered if there is a guide you could use to choose the right bong.

2 Major Factors in Choosing the Right Bong For You 

Your budget and the environment in which the bong will be used. Your budget will affect the choice of material for the bong, since the material from which the bong is made will have a dramatic effect on the price you will pay for your bong.

The environment in which the bong will be used has an impact on the size and portability of the bong.

If  if it’s  your first bong, be mindful of your lung capacity. If you buy a bong with too many percs or one that is too tall for you to clear nicely, you won’t be satisfied. If you never fill the chamber in your bong with smoke, you’re not maximising the potential of your piece.

On the other hand, if you fill the chamber but are unable to clear it in one hit, you are left with less-than-fresh smoke, which can make for a stale tasting second hit. The measurements of the chamber and mouthpiece also impact how the bong smokes.

The major types of bongs available in most online head shops are made from either glass, acrylic or wood. Acrylic bongs are considered the best choice for novice smokers. Typically made from plastic with metal or rubber downstems, acrylic bongs are inexpensive and quite durable as compared to glass bongs.

The disadvantages of acrylic bongs is that they can be hard to clean, they retain odours after a little bit of use. You are also likely to taste the plastic while smoking.

They are stylish, decorative and come in great designs. Glass bongs do not produce any vapours or fumes. They are the easiest to clean and take care of. Glass bongs also come with extra attachments like percs, bowls and ash catchers, hence adding an extra cost.

The only downside to glass bongs is that they are very expensive as compared to other types of bongs and are the least durable, since glass is very fragile

Glass Thickness

One of the first things you want to watch is the thickness of the glass used on the bong. This is important as it decides the duration your bong will last. Thicker class will give you better service, which is also dependent on how you use can care for the bong.

If you are careful enough to keep it safe, then you might not need to worry about the thickness of the glass. If your plan is to carry it anywhere, then you might do well with thick glass, so pick thickness anywhere from 3.5mm and above. Browse through online headshops to see the different thickness options available that you can choose.

Joint Sizes

Joints are commonly offered in two sizes, 14mm and 18mm. You can find other sizes which can work as well, but the idea is to ensure you use a bong with joints in the above range and you will enjoy using it.

The point is to ensure you choose something that gives you the comfort you need and enjoyment, which can be found in making the right decision for a joint size as well as the general size of the bong.


You can also consider some add-ons that are needed to make your experience awesome. A splash guard could come in handy as it helps to block dirty bong water from entering into your mouth. Adding an Ice Pinch will hold ice that will help to cool the smoke down, and an Ash Catcher gives another level of filtration by catching all the ash produced.

Don’t forget to consider a percolator, which works to cool the smoke to achieve a less harsh hit. Most of these add-ons are included in some types of bongs when buying and will help you enjoy a refined experience.

Other Material Choices

Besides glass bongs, you will also get some amazing ceramic bongs, most of which come in unique designs like statues. Ceramic bongs are smaller than a lot of glass bongs and the reason is because they are made with material that is heavier.

These also offer many color options for your custom setup. You also have plastic bongs to choose from, and these are much lighter and will last longer than the average glass bong.

Choosing a bong is an important decision that you have to make after serious consideration. You should review the many available options to pick the best in the list to serve your needs. Try choosing a bong that can satisfy your needs, so the options discussed above could help you make a good decision in this case.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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