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Edibles vs Smoking: Why Do Edibles Give You A Different High Than Smoking?

Edibles vs Smoking Why Do Edibles Give You A Different High Than Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking

Consuming Cannabis

During the long history of cannabis use, we have developed many ways to consume it, from joints, pipes, bongs, hookahs, and dab rigs to edibles and balms. But other than rubbing CBD balms on aching muscles, there have always been two basic methods of consumption– ingestion and inhalation.

Determining Factors

As you may imagine, several variables determine the kind, and degree of effect cannabis has on you. Your reactions will vary depending on your weight, age, tolerance, metabolism, and overall health.

Consistency is an important factor for determining your personal experience. That is why it is a good idea to buy your cannabis from a dispensary like Ganjagrams. That way you’ll know more about what you’re getting, and the quality will be consistently good.

Your choices are also a factor. For instance, whether you are consuming cannabis for recreation or medical purposes, or if you are mixing your consumption with other medications or alcohol. Since there are an increasing number of consumption options and potencies available, you might try a few test runs to determine what works for you.

Consuming Comparison


For an instant blast of either a recreational high or therapeutic relief, smoking or vaping is a faster way to feel the effect of the cannabinoids. A vape cartridge can have other substances for the flavour that can affect potency, and so smoking flowers can yield a stronger effect. Inhalation bypasses the digestive system, putting the THC or CBD directly into the bloodstream from the lungs, and into the brain.

By smoking or vaping you can realize the effects right away, allowing you to gauge your dose accurately. This way you can understand right away when you should stop consuming. The effects do not last as long as digestion, so smoking cannabis will be a shorter duration of effect. The tolerance levels of more experienced users also influence the effect and its duration.

Smoking weed


There are many variables with edibles. The effect of consuming edibles is quite different than other methods of ingestion, whether CBD or THC. This can be determined by what strain was used (some, of course, are stronger than others), or whether the edible is made by you or a friend, vs a reputable dispensary.

Digestion vs inhalation yields the most noticeable difference. As you begin to eat, your saliva begins the digestive process. As the compounds move through your digestive system, they reach your liver, which then delivers the cannabinoids into your circulatory system, the blood then sends the cannabinoids to your brain. The digestive system utilizes more cannabinoids, so your high will typically be more intense and last for a longer period. Breaking down edibles in the digestive system simply takes more time. This is where many people miscalculate. For those not familiar with this process, it can be problematic because they assume that they will feel nothing, and so eat more.

So, when consuming edibles, you need to be cognizant of the timing. The effect may end up being overpowering and affect you when you don’t want it to. Start small and give it some time.

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