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ADHD and Cannabis

What is ADHD?

ADHD (or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), describes a condition wherein an individual has difficulty focusing and paying attention. In certain cases, it can affect their ability to accomplish daily tasks the rest of us have no trouble doing. For many, this may mean having trouble in maintaining relationships, maintaining a job, or focusing on school.

ADHD is ADD, with the added element of hyperactivity. This condition shares symptoms with other disorders, like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a variety of learning disabilities. Presently, there is little or no way to specifically identify all its specific characteristics. There are three basic types of ADD:

  1. Inattentive: The traits of inattentive ADD subjects involve having trouble paying attention to tasks, an inability to be organized, and forgetfulness.
  2. Hyperactive: The traits of hyperactive ADD involve restlessness, impulsiveness, and a tendency to interrupt conversations, instead of focused attention.
  3. Combined: The traits of combined ADD include both inattentive and hyperactive types.

Why People Might Use Cannabis to Treat ADHD

An increasing number of adults are using cannabis to help manage mental health. Many people are advised that consuming cannabis is not advisable for ADHD, but it may very well be just the right medicine.

There are several reasons why people with ADD or ADHD might use cannabis, the most common being for attention and focus. Sufferers struggle with many of the things in life that the rest of us take for granted. Sufferers are frequently accused of not paying attention. Someone with ADD or ADHD might use cannabis so that they can stay focused and remain attentive.

How Cannabis Can Help

Research on the use of cannabis to treat ADD and ADHD is ongoing, and there is no firmly established scientific evidence to support the use of it as a recognized treatment for these conditions. There are indications that certain cannabinoids help increase focus, reduce anxiety, and improve attention span. This is largely due to the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). A cannabinoid like THC can help block occurrences that typically distract sufferers from the tasks at hand.

Although there is no solid research that supports claims of improved focus and emotional stability through cannabis use, or that cannabis is an effective replacement for ADHD medication, research using THC and CBD is showing promising if not conclusive results.

Many people with these conditions prefer natural treatments for ADD and ADHD. By opting for a natural treatment, the prospect of side effects from the extended use of pharmaceutical medication is dramatically reduced.

CBD oil and ADHD

CBD oil is the most commonly used cannabis product for treating ADD and ADHD, helping to reduce anxiety and improve attention span. More research is needed, but studies reveal positive results. Sometimes an inability to regulate emotions is a part of the difficulty, resulting in difficulty controlling anger and aggression. CBD oil has been shown to help people control anger and aggressive tendencies. Buy CBD oil online from Ganjagrams.

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