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Using Cranberry Juice For Detoxing Your System

Detoxing with Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a super source for antioxidants and is great for your health. Can cranberry juice detox your system enough to prepare you for a drug test?

There are all kinds of theories and opinions about finding a quick way to detox. Cranberry juice is often included in the list as researchers study ways to quickly detox and prepare you for a drug test. We all know how much cranberries benefit our bodies, but can they aide the body in detoxing?

Can Cranberry Juice Clean Your System?

Your body is pretty good at detoxing on its own. Toxins are continually removed from your system in various forms, mostly conducted by the liver and kidneys. Unfortunately, if you continually introduce a poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, and an excess of chemicals to the mix, it can take time to clear out some substances.

The good news is that cranberry juice offers many helpful vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K1, manganese and copper. It also contains quercetin and myricetin which are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and defend our bodies against free radicals.

Cranberries also contain the highest quantity of organic acids that are capable of emulsifying fats. During detoxification, it is important to burn fat since the body stores metabolites (such as those from THC) in fat cells. The not-so-good news is that cranberries, on their own, will not be able to eradicate THC from your fat cells. That said, cranberries have diuretic properties, and cranberry juice cleanses are known for increasing urination, so it is believed that they can help push the remaining metabolites out of the body much more quickly, and the body can metabolize the THC metabolite via urination. But again, although a cranberry juice detox increases urination, it will not eliminate all traces of THC or any other chemicals from your system.

How Much Cranberry Juice Should You Drink?

It is common knowledge that detoxification requires more fluids, especially if you’re sweating due to an increase in exercise or because of heat. 

During any type of cleansing or detox program, it is recommended that you drink at least a gallon of liquids, like water, per day (3785.41 ml). You should never, however, drink that amount of cranberry juice in a single day. Even though you are primarily seeking to cleanse yourself with cranberry juice, you might experience some uncomfortable side effects as a result. The calcium in cranberries can cause kidney stones, and the high acid levels can upset the stomach and aggravate ulcers.

How Long Will It Take to Work?

Unfortunately passing a drug test in 24 hours by using cranberry juice is not possible. If you are in that big a hurry, you may try a “same-day” detox drink.

So, using cranberry juice to quickly detox for a job or for legal reasons is not recommended. Cranberry juice or capsules can help you increase nutrient absorption and promote your kidney and bladder health.

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