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True Facts About Cannabis Oil

Do you want to know true facts about Cannabis Oil and how to use it in effective ways? 

Cannabis Oil is made from extracting sticky oily substance which is commonly known as THC that can be found in leaves and plants.

How to Extract THC?

You only need to mix it with ethanol, petroleum, naphtha or butane.

The oil must be intake by orally as a medicine for patients who have medical conditions. It is commonly used for treating patients with cancer.

Making edibles is also possible with this kind of cannabis oil.

“The big trend right now is ingesting It, “ says Dr. Arno Hazekamp, a researcher for medical company Bedrocan BV. Dr. Arno Hazekamp is known for publishing homemade preparations of cannabis oil. He say’s you can intake just a little dosage of the oil and it will be effective as smoking the most potent strain.

Most Famous Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oils has become the most popular due to the fact it helps lots of cancer patients. Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil extracted from food grade alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol with less toxic. To remove the solvent which causes decarboxylation of cannabinoids the cannabis oil needs to be heated for longer than usual. From THCA and CBDA into the active form of THC and CBD so it’s healthy to digest the oil.

Cannabis Oil for Cancer Patients

How does Cannabis Oil help Cancer Patients? Everyone has been asking the same question for over years.

Corrie Yelland, a Victoria, British Columbia native, wants to share a story about having to go through a heart attack and double bypass surgery in May 2007. After the surgery, Yelland has been taking painkillers to ease the chronic pain from a maligned sternum and post-sternotomy neuralgia syndrome.

Yelland was diagnosed after four years with anal canal cancer.  She also had to deal with two spots of skin cancer on her collarbone, after two surgeries, the cancer was away too much to deal with and therefore the doctor recommended her to go through chemotherapy. She realized that chemotherapy that she could suffer severely from side effects based on her research.

It took years for her to decide on what to do which makes the doctor conclude that she has only 2-4 months to live and she should take it into consideration. Instead, she decided to take a risk and learn more about cannabis oil for cancer treatment.

Source: CBD International 

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