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Synthetic Marijuana: What is it About?

Synthetic Marijuana
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What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

Rumors spread that it was legal and that it would mimic the effects of real cannabis. But when more and more people began suffering side effects (which in some cases led to death), concerns arose over synthetic cannabis, a designer drug made for those who prefer health risks to legal risks – or for those blind to the risks altogether.

Synthetic Marijuana is designer drug or compound that may be chemically similar or dissimilar from the chemicals present in the natural form of Marijuana, but they produced the same psychoactive effects to that of marijuana.Some common artificial Marijuana families that are sold under brand names like K2and spice are known as synthetic Marijuana.

Some common facts about synthetic marijuana are as follows.

  • Cannabis or Marijuana (available in a synthetic form with similar effects) has more harmful effects than natural Marijuana.
  • Synthetic Marijuana consists of chemicals that cause activation of the same chemical systems in the brain as is brought about by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, dronabinol INN).
  • Synthetic Marijuana has possessed similar physical and psychological effects as natural one but can be associated with more unpredictable effects and potentially can be more harmful than the natural counterpart.
  • Marijuana or Cannabis may also be refined into dabs which are the concentrated butane hash oil (or BHO) with highly concentrated THC.

Chemical analyses have shown that, in all cases, the active ingredients in these drugs are synthetic chemicals with dangerous toxic effects. Beyond that, because the chemical composition of products sold as Spice or K2 is unknown, users have no idea what chemicals they are putting into their bodies or what the effects will be.

And, as herbs and spices can be sprayed unevenly, the potency can vary wildly.

Synthetic marijuana has the appearance of dried leaves and is often sold in small, silvery plastic bags as “herbal incense” or “potpourri.” It is also advertised in liquid form for use in vaporizers.

It is often smoked in rolled joints, pipes or e-cigarettes, and some users make it into a tea or use it in brownie recipes. It has also been taken in vaporized form through the nose or in liquid form.

There are hundreds of different synthetic cannabinoids. Some of them, like JWH-018, JWH-73 and JWH-210 feel almost exactly like marijuana, minus the sedative effects. Others, like those in the UR series, are extremely psychedelic.

The AKB series was like some kind of knockout pill, puts you right to coma sleep. The fluorinated cannabinoids were extremely dangerous, frequently resulting in psychosis, delusion, out-of-body experiences, temporary amnesia and loss of proper motor control.

All of the safe and pleasant synthetics have been banned. Even these were extremely difficult for the average person to dose properly and resulted in some colossal freakouts. The only ones left are extremely dangerous nightmares waiting to unfold.





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