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No more pot party for Canada’s Landlords

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”13633″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”No more pot party for Canada’s Landlords”][/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]Marijuana will soon be added to Canadians’ various collection of household herbs, and that leaves Canada’s Landlords in torment.

As per Bloomberg, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set to have weed legislation in Canada, where the recreational use of weed is expected to be legalized in July 2018.

But apartment owners are anxious about the safety and security of their buildings if tenants cultivate cannabis plants in their leased units.

Marijuana stocks have risen, and new entries of established businesses are ready for current profit generation on Canada’s long-awaited pot party.

With this, the county’s landlords are seeking the support of provincial governments for legislation that would help ban marijuana use within the boundaries of rental units or allow them to add restrictions to lease agreements.

Medical marijuana has been accepted since 2001,  but recreational use of the drug is still being worked out and soon be implemented.

medical marijuanaThe Cannabis Act (2018) consists a bunch of proposals. Propositions include allowing people to smoke in private residences and to grow as many as four plants per rental unit.

Provinces have the right to set rules in their own jurisdictions, including age limits for possession of weed and whether landlords can restrict use on their properties.

One of the many reasons why landlords forbid tenants to grow and smoke marijuana is that most of the rental buildings are already old that may cause fire and accidents.

It could also disturb non-users who don’t like the smell of marijuana that may lead to chaotic arguments. Hence, it’s quite evident for the landlords to formulate or develop regulations to address their concerns.

Local provinces in the country are currently working out some policies for recreational pot. Some propositions are found more inclined to address the landlords’ concerns.

“Canadian landlords are said to be ‘cautiously optimistic’ that strict pot regulations will prevail”  – Dickie of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations.

“As it stands (before) legalization, tenants are banned from smoking marijuana in a building, and you don’t have to write it in the lease because it’s the law,” Dickie said.

“It would be ideal if the province automatically (made it part) of leases unless the landlord and tenant agree to take it out of the lease because that would continue the status quo.”

The rules for medical cannabis around the world are changing fast. Fewer than a dozen countries have legalized medicinal cannabis.

Now that pot in Canada is coming to its brighter tomorrow; people will inevitably be wondering what will happen next…

Source: Bloomberg


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