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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

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Duration of Marijuana Staying in Your System

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System

THC In Urine:

Not fully being legalized in Canada, marijuana has been banned by a lot of established companies. Having their employees drugged tested, many people wonder how long does marijuana stay in your system? Most drug testes are done by testing your urine, therefore most people would like to know how long it stays. Urine is known for having the longest detection period therefore most companies use this method. The test is to find the component called THC-COOH which is a metabolite where your body has recently processed the chemical.


Depending on how you consume THC such has eating an edible, smoking the herb, or vaping this can depend on how long it will stay in your urine. When intaking THC, this component is stored in your body fat and that’s how THC is accumulated in your body over time. The main reason to detect how long THC stays in your system, you would have to see how heavily of a user you are to cannabis. The more you use cannabis, the longer THC will stay in your system.


  • For people who smoke marijuana once : stays in 8 days
  • For people who smoke marijuana frequently : Stays in system for 15days
  • For people who smoke marijuana regularly : Stays in system for 30days
  • People who smoke marijuana heavily : Stays in system for 45-77 days

Source : Herb Co.

THC In Your Blood Stream

Circulatory system shows sign of weed for the shortest time. Having to have blood flow through your circulatory system, it takes a long time to have cannabinoids enter your blood because when you smoke weed it goes into your lungs first and when you ingest weed it stays in your stomach first. THC goes through your bloodstream when it starts to enter your brain to give you the euphoric high and the therapeutic effects of CBD. When there’s active THC in your bloodstream, your metabolize will break it down therefore thc doesn’t really stay in your blood. This is the reason why companies do not test for THC by blood test. For further information if you are a daily user of marijuana, the THC will stay in your system for a week. So How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

  • Stays in your bloodstream for an hour

Source : High Times

THC Blood Test


Marijuana Saliva Tests

This is the newest way for companies to test marijuana nowadays. Its economically and is easy to test instead of making people pee into a container. The most common reason to test saliva for THC would be for roadside test for impaired driving. Having able to detect marijuana within 12 hours, its a lot faster than testing urine. When smoking marijuana the source of THC is absorbed through the lining of your mouth.

  • Stays in your saliva for 24 hours.

Source : leaf science

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