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Tips on How to use Liquid THC Cartridge

Liquid THC Cartridge
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”13652″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”Tips on How to use Liquid THC Cartridge”][/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]Liquid THC Cartridge is great for smoke and very discrete without any smell. Great for Stress, Depression, Loss of Appetite and Sleep THC and CBD vape pens have become a staple of marijuana use in the past few years.

Their popularity is likely due to ease of use, portability, and the discreet nature of vaporizing. Plus, marijuana oil produces much less of an odour than smoking flower. That vaporizer is quickly becoming a favourite of consumers, even beginning to rival flower sales.

Recommended Liquid THC Cartridge per user:

  • For Beginners and not so newbie: Buttonless Vaporizer

Isn’t convenient? Buttonless Vape all you need to do is just inhale and enjoy every hit you made. You don’t need any tips or be the smart dude to use this vape which makes it perfect for beginners which means some thicker oils may not provide the desired vapour cloud you are aiming. Once, you are used to vaping then you can upgrade to later vape pen with more settings.

  • For Experienced Vape Users: Push Button Vaporizer

This Vape is for experienced users since it has updated and more settings. It activates with the # of clicks. Color-coded voltage up to 6V(blue) and depending on the consistency of the oil in your cartridge.

Tips on How to Use Liquid THC Cartridge:

First: Power Up Your Vape

You need to charge up your vape using the USB port. You can charge anywhere without worrying for adaptors while at work or travelling. You can load it directly to your laptop. You need to check if the light flashes which indicates it’s full and ready to use.

Here’s how:

  1. Remove the battery from the oil cartridge by unscrewing.
  2. Connect the battery to the USB charger.
  3. Plug it in and wait until the light turns green.

Second: Assembly Required

  1. All you have to do to collect your vape pen:
  2. Remove the rubber plug at the top of the cartridge. Set it aside.
  3. Screw the mouthpiece and battery onto your cartridge.
  4. Tighten it again, just in case.

Step 3:

For Buttonless Vape

  1. Put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw in a deep breath for up to four seconds
  2. Exhale quickly and thoroughly.
  3. Wait a minute or two before inhaling again. If it’s your first time (!), wait 10 minutes and take some deep breaths
  4. Has it been 10 minutes and you still don’t feel anything? Take the second drag and repeat the process.

Push Button Vaporizer

Click x 5: Turn it on by pressing the button five times.
Click x 3: Adjust the temperature, depending on the density of your oil, by pressing the button three times each to shift colours. 0V (the lowest) is red, 3V is green, and 6V (the highest) is blue.
Click x 2: Preheat the oil by pressing the button twice. Don’t go anywhere—it will be ready in 10 seconds.
Put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw in a deep breath for up to four seconds.
Click x 5: Done? (For now, of course.) Turn it off by pressing the button five times.

What’s in the cartridge?

Cannabis oil is an extract made by mixing cannabis flowers with a solvent. Cannabis oil is highly concentrated and frequently has a much higher THC percentage than raw herbs.


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