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Licensed Pot Lounges : Victoria Councillors Urges BC

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”4258″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”Licensed Pot Lounges | Victoria Councillors Urges BC”][/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]Victoria Councillors are urging BC to Licensed Pot Lounges.

The province should develop a licensing regime to allow for designated cannabis-consumption lounges when marijuana becomes legal next year, says Victoria councillors.

“We’re seeing a need for it in our community right now, as there are lounges that are operating illegally based on our regulations and current laws,” said Coun. Jeremy Loveday.

Licensed Pot Loungers | GanjagramsThe recommendation has been added to be part of the list of suggestions that will be forwarded to the province for reconsideration.

The City has received a lot of pullbacks against its prohibition on cannabis lovers in dispensaries or lounges. The issue is more about how they properly dealt it through with provincial regulations, because it is a health issue and not about licensing a business – Mayor Lisa Helps says.

However, the city regulations don’t allow marijuana consumption on any business premises. Some of the marijuana advocates feel that it’s discriminating against some renters and strata residents who have been prohibited from smoking in their own homes.

They recommend the province to come at the same time in the city has been turning to the courts to shut down both commercial lounges that accept marijuana smokers and retailers that don’t apply for business licenses or rezoning.

Municipalities have been invited by the Province for the aspects ranging from the minimum age for cannabis possession and consumption to its distribution. Retailing of pot is considered drug-impaired-driving laws.

“We’d have people marketing cigarettes with a tiny gram of cannabis in them so they could claim that anti-smoking bylaws didn’t apply to them,” Young said. “All of the health benefits we’ve gained by control of smoking would be lost.”

Some of the Councillors recommends that provincial regulations in regards to Licensed Pot Lounges need to ensure to follow the clean air bylaws to protect others, including employees, and even young children from second hand smoke which technically also applies to cannabis.

Cannabis Culture tweeted regarding Licensed Pot Lounges that Victoria Counselors Urges BC.

Cannabis Culture tweet Cannabis Culture tweet responses


Complete List of Recommendations to the Province:

  • Possession of cannabis should follow the minimum age which is also implemented for purchasing and consuming of liquor. 19 years old!
  • The Province should create a licensing scheme to allow designated consumption lounges with a model that takes into consideration of health and well being of all users and employees.
  • Restriction on drug impaired driving has the Councils support. It includes Zero tolerance for impairment by cannabis in the graduated-licensing program (drivers with L or N designation). An awareness campaign should be expanding on the roadside testing, suspension and prohibition programs for drug impaired drivers.
  • Legalization frameworks should be constructed below the policing enforcement cost for each municipality.
  • Local Smoking Regulations should apply to the Cannabis Smoke.
  • Distribution Model for medical and non-medical cannabis should be introduced by the Province. It maintains the opportunities for local enterprise, craft and small business, distribution and retail sale.
  • Retailing Regime that makes room for both public and private retail operations including the regulations that ensure there is a provincial standard for retailers and local governments retains to their zoning authority for locating both private and public outlets.

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