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Using Cannabis to Numb Menstrual Cramps

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”15402″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”Using Cannabis to Numb Menstrual Cramps”]Most women experience some degree of menstrual pain, with symptoms that commonly include abdominal pain or cramping, lower back pain, leg pain, and headaches. [/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]Most women experience some degree of menstrual cramps in where they would need a painkiller. Commonly, these cramps include abdominal pain or cramping, lower back pain, leg pain, and headaches. For some women, the effects are made more severe by conditions like endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

Period cramps are the worst, so are mood swings and headaches. While some prefer to slap on a heating pad and dive for a bar of chocolate, cannabis has long been a popular choice for that time of the month. Not only is the plant but a painkiller, but a nice herbal buzz can really brighten a turbulent day.

Cannabis is the best natural cramp-killer

If debilitating period pain is interfering with your life by causing you to avoid your normal activities, you may want to consider Cannabis. It is well known among doctors, researchers, and a diverse body of patients for its pain-relieving properties.

If over-the-counter pain medications like Midol, Advil, or Tylenol don’t help significantly with your menstrual pain, it could provide the relief you’ve been looking for.

Cannabis has a long history as a women’s healing aid. As cited in a 2002 review, as early as 2000 BC, tonics made with hemp seed, saffron, mint, and beer were given to women to ease pain during a difficult childbirth. In 1596, a Chinese medical text listed the use of cannabis flowers to ease symptoms during menstruation.

Nowadays, even with the herb’s illegality in most parts of the world, women still use cannabis to self-treat problems of the womb. This includes countless women who use the plant to self-treat conditions related to pregnancy, despite the social and potential medical risks.

There is little contemporary research on cannabis and women’s menstrual health, yet the plant can ease symptoms of PMS in a number of ways.

Fortunately, preclinical research suggests that the primary psychoactive in cannabis is a muscle relaxant. The herb can be applied topically via a cannabis-infused cream or in a trans-dermal patch.

While smoking is always an option, vaporisation is also a healthier way to take your mind off of the pain and discomfort. Try vaping during your period with the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. Some lucky individuals even have access to cannabis-infused suppositories to relieve cramps in a localised area.

Cannabis is well known for its powerful pain fighting abilities. Both psychoactive cannabis and strains high in cannabidiol (CBD) are popular for the treatment of all sorts of pain conditions, from muscle spasms to cancer pain. Let’s face it, aches and general malaise before and during the period probably don’t stand a chance.

While Cannabis is not perfectly safe in that some risks do exist, there is still a slight risk of adverse effects for people with cardiovascular conditions.

Here are 3 ways marijuana is considerably safer than the average pain medication

  1.    Cannabis cannot produce a fatal overdose. The amount that would be needed, in the time needed, is simply not physically possible.
  2.    For most people, Cannabis does not produce serious or long-term side effects. Typical acute effects of Cannabis use include dry mouth, sore throat or coughing, and increased drowsiness. This means it isn’t safe to drive or operate heavy machinery while using Cannabis. It is also normal for Cannabis to increase your appetite, even if you’ve recently eaten.
  3.    Cannabis is safe to combine with most other substances, including your favourite foods and beverages. While it is generally safe to combine marijuana with medication, be advised that high CBD is a cannabinoid in marijuana

As to marijuana’s efficacy for pain control, this effect has been documented by countless studies and patient surveys. In fact, pain management is arguably one of marijuana’s best-known therapeutic properties. I’ve excerpted relevant findings from several studies on marijuana for pain, which I encourage you to explore.

While Cannabis can be very effective for pain reduction, doctors advise patients to stick with oral preparations or vaporisation. However, as much as possible, avoid using new products like intra-vaginal suppositories.

Unlike vaporised Cannabis and oral medications, these products have not been shown to work by peer-reviewed research. And frankly, do not make much sense from a medical perspective.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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