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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”15778″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles”]Muffins, candies, hummus, bacon, tea, pizza, guacamole, vegetable medley. The virtually endless list of cannabis-infused foods opens up fascinating possibilities for the adventurous consumer.[/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]The virtually endless list of cannabis-infused foods opens up fascinating possibilities for the adventurous consumer. As you venture deeper into the exciting world of marijuana, you may find yourself wondering what to expect from these edibles.

Maybe you’ve already given them a go and are wondering why they induce that intense, almost psychedelic high that lasts so long. Speculate no longer curious ones. We’re going to break down the differences between psychoactive snacks and the more familiar inhaled forms of cannabis.

Edibles are a great choice when consumed responsibly. They’re potent and body-focused, meaning they’re perfect for people who suffer from pain, nausea, or lack of appetite.

Unfortunately, they can easily lead to disaster if you’re not careful. You eat a whole brownie and feel normal for an hour, then all of a sudden you startle at a police siren and think everyone in the room is secretly laughing at you.

Metabolising cannabis makes the effects much stronger. Edibles are typically made with highly concentrated cannabis. Be it in actual concentrate form (hash oil), cannabis-infused butter, or infused oil. This means that it’s incredibly easy to overdo it.

Between the time it takes for the cannabis to kick in and the highly concentrated levels of THC found in many edibles, finding the correct dose can be quite the chore.

Here’s The Golden Rule of Edibles

Start small and be patient. Because of the way edibles are metabolised, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. This means the effects can last several hours. These effects vary between edibles, but generally, consumers report stronger body effects coupled with an almost psychedelic head high in large doses.

Smaller amounts yield milder and arguably more comfortable effects. Which is why we reiterate: start small and be patient, or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Edibles may be strong, but compared to inhaled cannabis, they actually deliver a smaller concentration of cannabinoids to the bloodstream. Ingesting edibles introduces only 10 to 20 percent of THC and other cannabinoids to the blood plasma, whereas inhaled cannabis falls closer to 50 or 60 percent.

The effects of smoked cannabis tend to peak within the first 10 minutes and rapidly dissipate over the next 30 to 60 minutes

Many people become interested in edibles because they don’t enjoy the harsh experience of smoking or are worried about the long-term health concerns associated with it. Vaporisation is another health-conscious alternative commonly recommended.

However, edibles can oftentimes provide longer lasting relief to chronic symptoms like pain. Often making them a preferred choice for medical patients.

Edible recipes don’t always have to consist of the the stereotypical pot brownie or a sugary sweet treat.

Nowadays, you can transform most dishes into a cannabis-infused concoction.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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