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Easy Actionable Solutions for Marketing a Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business Marketing
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_hoverbox image=”14125″ primary_title=”” hover_title=”Cannabis Business Marketing Solution”][/vc_hoverbox][la_divider height=”lg:25px;”][vc_column_text]As we take a reference to the past 2 years of experience, we can say that effective marketing and advertising are imperative to the success and growth of any business, especially new businesses. Although the Cannabis industry is severely limited in the type of marketing and advertising it can utilize, there are still various tactics cannabis businesses can implement to legally increase awareness of their brand.

We’ll dive into them as part of our new Cannabis Business Marketing series, but first, let’s start by keeping in mind the basics when crafting your marketing strategy.

Identify your customers

Before exerting so much effort on your cannabis business, you have to have done market research and found the right people that you are targeting with your products. It could be locally regionally or even internationally. Therefore, to make sure that these people are responding positively and your sales are increasing, you need to understand them correctly. Know their needs; understand their patterns, their fears and also their preferences.

This allows you to move together with them and once they need a change on what you are offering on the market, you will be able to provide it.

Don’t Market Your Cannabis Business to or Near Minors

Of course. This is something you need to take into considerations. Always keeping age restrictions in mind. Be smart about the branding you use and the locations you choose to advertise at. Our industry is growing quickly which also means that a lot of people are raising questions and concerns about cannabis legalization impact on minors.

As a result, marijuana businesses do their part in assuaging those fears and make appropriate marketing a top priority. Cartoon mascots à la Joe Camel and other messaging that appeals to minors are not only going to hurt your business’s image, it’s also harming the overall perception of the cannabis industry.


When marketing a business or brand online, SEO is yet one of the best marketing platforms all over the world since it helps in creating brand awareness and increase traffic to your business. As a way of attracting customers or even creating awareness about your business existence, SEO can help you achieve this.

Every day millions of people in the world use their smart devices to search for various information and products online. For example, there may be a client from your region who is looking to buy Vaping device. If this is the kind of business you specialize in and you have the required Vaping device, such a customer will be able to reach out to you in a natural way.

Be consistent

This is one of the areas that a lot of marketers fail. If you are consistent, your customers will find you reliable but if you fail them one or two days, rest assured that they will find their solutions somewhere else. Besides, there is a massive competition from the marketers due to the high demand for this product. And therefore you need to be on your toes to avoid losing customers.

Make sure whatever they want is available. Make sure what your clients need is available; customer care service should be excellent and also be willing to help your customers if they need help. In other words, make sure to create a good business relationship with your customers.

For a business like Cannabis, marketing is not an easy task due to the competition that is around you. However, with the right steps and implementation, you can be able to stay on top of your cannabis business. Not everything has an assurance, however, when designing an SEO website, make sure to hire a good and reputable webs designer to ensure that it is well structured and the content is relevant as well.


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