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Alberta Controls The Online Weed Market; Private Sector Own Retail Stores

Alberta Control Online Weed Market; Private Sector Own Retail Stores

A proposal made by The Government of Alberta control online weed market while Private Sector owns retail stores.

Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley discuss the details of the NDP’s proposed legislation to deal with the legalization of marijuana this July 2018.

The government believes that there is a lot of concern regarding online weed market selling to consumers which is one factor why they wanted to take control and let private sectors sell only in retail stores/physical stores.

Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley

Federal Government proposed for households to allow them to grow their own Marijuana at home.

The Government will finalize those decisions by early next year before July 2018 says by Ganley.

Private cannabis operators would have to separate from selling tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceuticals in how they would be legally defined that hasn’t been determined yet.

Justice Minister of Alberta Kathleen Ganley introduced us the rules in the proposal that Government of Alberta proposed for legalization, however, the details on how the Government of Alberta control of Online Weed market is not yet determined.

Alberta Government says that Marijuana distribution would take place by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and there would be multiple ways of ensuring that “minors will not be catered or allowed to buy weed online“.

How many marijuana stores are allowed?

That would depend on the commission, hence, would have to undergo a background check and all staff should be 18 years old and above.

The Alberta Governments only allowed 18 years old and above  to buy online weed market

Bills include draft cannabis framework:

  • Cannabis or Marijuana is only available for 18 years old and above, same law applies for alcohol.
  • Possession limit to the public: 30 grams or equal to 40 joints allowed.
  • Zero tolerance for youth possessing weed pots.
  • Tabacco Law will also be implemented for smoking and vaping cannabis which means all only allowed areas.
  • No Marijuana allowed in public places such as on Hospitals, schools, splash parks, sports fields or any places where kids do gather.

Private sectors and The Government are working together on rules for the cannabis since the federal government announced the legalization of marijuana by July 2018.

Health issues and regulations will be handled by Ottawa while provinces will distribute and sell weed keeping schools, workplace, and school safe (marijuana free).

Quebec, on the other hand, will take a different approach to the legalization of marijuana in which all cannabis cultivated must be sold by the Government only through a subsidiary of the provincially run liquor board. Taking cannabis for personal or commercial use would be illegal to cultivate unless authorized by the Government.

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci disagree with Ottawa proposed of 50-50 split of sales of selling marijuana. Since he believes that the provinces deserve more, if not all, the taxes since they are doing the lion’s share of spending on distribution and enforcement.

Criminal Code chargers are currently on revising and tighten by The Federal Government for anyone who will be caught driving impaired while under the influence of marijuana or mixed it with alcohol.

Chief of Police of Alberta Association: AACP said in an open letter this week that July 2018 deadline doesn’t leave enough time to create and structure the “regulatory framework to ensure the safety of Albertans”.

Ottawa was noted by The Chiefs has yet to sign off on the roadside devices to be tested for the cannabis impairment.

The province currently working on updating and creating the workplace rules to address the risk of impairment of cannabis.

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