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4 Ways to Intensify Your Magic Mushrooms Trip

Magic mushrooms

Whether you’d like to improve your spiritual life and mental health, or simply add some amazing experiences to your recreational life, you can do so using magic mushrooms. There are a few ways to add significance to the experience by intensifying the trip. Here we list four ways you can kick it up a notch.

Boost the Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Lemon Tekking:

This method mixes ground-up dried magic mushrooms with lemon juice. The citric acid begins doing the job that would otherwise be done by your stomach acids when you ingest magic mushrooms into your digestive system. The citric acid contained in lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice turns psilocybin into psilocin, the psychoactive compound that provides a hallucinogenic effect. Since this process is begun before ingestion and does not require your body’s digestive enzymes, which is a lengthier process, the effects are accelerated and more intense. The addition of lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice also masks the flavour of the raw shrooms.

Tripping with Fellow Psychonauts:

Make no mistake, tripping alone can be an enlightening time of self-discovery, but being with a group of friends that appreciate the journey can make the experience more memorable, intense, and enjoyable. For the most successful group experience, it is best to trip in a familiar and comfortable place, indoors or out. It is important to feel comfortable, private, and safe. Include an experienced sitter in your group that remains lucid, to keep things in order, and keep your group to a small number for a more intimate experience.

Enhance Your Setting:

You can really make your experience extreme by adding trippy music and visuals. We could create an entire post about the importance of music is in enhancing the intensity of your trip. There are several forms of music that are specifically intended to take you to another place, it may contain compelling lyrics or be completely instrumental, either one can help you journey to another place. If you find that this experience is too intense, you might opt for some natural sounds like the sound of birds chirping, or flowing water like ocean waves, or rain.

A Natural High:

We, humans, have a natural affinity for our natural world, it invigorates us and replenishes us. So, it follows that a plant-based psychedelic goes well with it. Our experience while out in nature is as healing as psilocybin itself. The combination of psilocybin and nature is a wondrous and intense experience. Nature is as limitless as your ability to appreciate the world around you. If there is no forest, then try a garden. If there is no garden, any greenery poking its way through the cement is part of our natural world. Nature can always take your psychedelic trip to the next level. We live in Canada. Pick a place.

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