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How to Smoke A Joint the Right Way

How to Smoke A Joint the Right Way

How to Smoke a Joint the Right Way

There are countless ways to consume THC and, as the best place to buy weed online in Canada, Ganjagrams has them all. We are a leading vendor in providing easy-to-buy, affordable quality weed in Canada. With our fancy THC edible inventory, we have quickly made a name for ourselves as the best online dispensary in Canada. While there are many ways to get marijuana into your system, some of the classics are classic for a reason.

Joints have been around as long as people have been smoking, and they remain one of the most fun, social, efficient, and enjoyable ways to consume marijuana. For those unfamiliar, a joint is cannabis buds rolled in cigarette rolling paper. You smoke it like you would a cigarette, with the added benefits of THC consumption. While it may sound simple on the surface, there are definitely some intricacies to the art of smoking a J. After you order weed online, and our online dispensary in Canada delivers, continue reading this guide to learn how to smoke a joint the right way.

How Do I Roll a Joint?

One of the perks of buying weed online is the ability to order pre-rolled joints. That said if you want to buy cheap weed in Canada – and learn a new skill along the way – rolling a quality joint can actually be quite rewarding. After you order weed online, buy some rolling papers and get started. First, you will need to grind or pick apart your flower in order to create small pieces and have an enjoyable smoking experience.

Once you’ve done this, make a V with your rolling paper along the crease – making sure the sticky strip is facing in – and fill it with the weed. Work the paper back and forth between your thumbs and pointer/middle fingers, gently rolling to achieve an even distribution of the flower throughout the paper. Once done, lick the sticky strip and fold it over itself to seal your freshly rolled joint together. A filter, crutch, or tip can be a nice addition – simply use a small rolled piece of cardboard to put into one end of your rolling paper. This will act as a mouthpiece and crutch, helping to prevent you from inhaling plant material and burning paper.


Roll a joint

Joint Etiquette

The culture around smoking marijuana is half the enjoyment, and when it comes to smoking a joint there are a few rules to keep in mind. First, whoever rolled the joint generally makes the first decision – whether to light it up themselves or pass it to a friend to spark. When you light it, make sure you do so evenly across the tip so that it burns symmetrically. As the joint beings to get passed around, an unspoken “puff puff pass” rule is generally followed. That is, feel free to take two or three hits before passing it on to the next smoker. Don’t rush it, but also don’t bogart that joint! Lastly, as you are smoking, do your best to keep the filter/inhaling end dry. Pulling on a wet joint is pretty gross, and if everyone is mindful of how they are smoking your whole crew can avoid this sloppy surprise!

There are plenty of ways to smoke weed these days, but arguably none is more fun or ceremonial than passing a joint between friends. As you start buying weed online, spend some time looking at the offerings from Ganjagrams – the best online dispensary in Canada. With so many options to choose from and regular specials, shopping at Ganjagrams is a no-brainer. We serve and deliver to all provinces, and love nothing more than spreading our high quality and affordable product to Canadians across the country!


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